Saturday, August 1, 2015

'An Evening of Exquisite Tragedy'

99X/10 Records presents an Evening of Exquisite Tragedy. A celebration of 10 years of 99X/10, the World Premiere Roger O'Donnell's Love and Other Tragedies, featuring Francesca Ter-Berg, Jessica Rossa, Miriam Wakeling and Alisa Liubarskaya plus an in depth interview with Roger. Over a 90 minute long programme.

From Roger on Facebook: "Watch the trailer and pre order the PPV event on Vimeo - An Evening of Exquisite Tragedy - Exclusive video of the June 26th Concert at Shoreditch Church. World premiere of Love and Other Tragedies, a 30 minute in depth interview and the 99X/10 Anniversary concert featuring Erin Lang and Hannah Curwood.... "

Update (08/01/15): Roger has posted some free previews on YouTube.

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