Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Robert Smith loves all of this music"

Grolsch Filmworks talks with Eric Green about his documentary 'Beautiful Noise':

What made you approach Robert Smith and Wayne Coyne, who aren’t really considered as part of the scene?

You know, funnily enough I thought that would have been a little more obvious. I did lots of research – also Trent Reznor and Billy Corgan – they’re all fans of this music, they’re all big fans, and they’re all mainstream musicians who have some of the ideas of this genre at heart in their playing; while they are more mainstream, they are in ways, each individual musician, a kind of kindred spirit. It came out in some of the interviews: Robert Smith loves all of this music and he’s very vocal about it.

He seemed the most passionate and romantic about some of the bands.

Absolutely. Perfect wording;  very romantic, very passionate, very interested in everything they did. And Wayne Coyne – Flaming Lips recently played in Ireland and Kevin Shields (from My Bloody Valentine) joined them onstage; we’re also talking about people that are friends with a lot of these bands. Billy Corgan was very friendly with the Cocteau Twins, Billy was also very friendly with Kevin and particularly Debbie Googe. Lots of connections there.
(Thanks Laurent)


  1. shoegazer by choice ~ because eye-contact implies being open to conversation

  2. the cure is one of the first shoegaze bands ever