Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Slowdive loves The Cure

Nice interview with Slowdive at Post Punk. Safe to say they are big fans of The Cure and would love to play with them some day. Lots of Cure mentions in it, here's one excerpt:

Nick: But it’s just- no, it’s never happened. So you know, maybe that’ll be something for the future.
Rachel: That’s Nick’s ultimate dream.
Nick: Well, I’ll just have to throw myself at Simon’s feet, won’t I? “I’m not worthy!”
Rachel: Simon’s his hero.

Post-Punk: Oh yeah?
Nick: Well, you know, he was one of my sort of early reasons where I thought, Yeah, I wanna play bass guitar.

Post-Punk: He’s still got it.
Nick: He’s on it!

(Thanks @Kafdancer)

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