Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reeves in Nashville on June 13th

June 13th, 2014 at The Family Wash
Reeves Gabrels - guitar
Kevin Hornback - bass
Jeff Brown - drums.

Update (06/17/14): "I went to the show. Reeves was awesome. He played Yesterday's Gone. Got to talk to him after the show and he signed my CDs. He sort of apologized for YG not sounding as good as when Robert sings it. It's different live but very good."
(Thanks Alan)


  1. @Alan: nice t-shirt!!! I have that one to

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  3. Damn... I was just going to say awesome shirt...lol.

    Jeff L

  4. And now we all know that Craig knows the delivery date of the new record, but has been sworn to secrecy and will reveal as necessary. Secrets are lame.

    1. Huh? How do I know the date? This makes no sense.

  5. Well...I was guessing that since you talked to Reeves, you would have probably asked. Unless that isn't you in the picture with Reeves and I completely botched that one....but seriously, you probably know more than me...which is something!

  6. My bad...I have no idea what you look like...but more importantly, Alan knows something and that MOFO better talk!