Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fan meetups for Reflections London

For those who can't access the Facebook page, here are the details:
November 15th, 2011 from 2-8PM
The Queens Arms at 30 Queens Gate Mews
South Kensington, United Kingdom
(Thanks Chris, Nicci and Angela)

Update: Curefans also has a meetup for the night before the show. Here's the info from the Facebook event page:
Monday, November 14 · 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Hard Rock Cafe London
(Thanks David)


  1. see you there again Antii! haha (Maria)

  2. I'll try to be there as well...You can recognize me by my black clothes...:)

  3. If I can get a day off from work and can go to the show, I think I'll dare coming to what would be my first Cure drink :)

  4. as my flight back goes very early on wednesday. does anyone know places to go during the night (shops, clubs, bars, macdonalds - not that i like that but as last opportunity etc.) the last trains, buses and tubes to heathrow will already be gone by the end of the concert i guess. thanks for your help. g*

  5. Oh nice, this is there same place where announced their forum meet up last week :-). That's going to be a great event. See you there!

  6. Kelly from Cureconnections took the meetup from the event that I created on FB. It's not a cureconnections event, it's Cure fan event. Open to everyone. I hope to see you all there.


  7. Can I also add, this is not a Curedrink. That's the propriety of Nicci, Chris and Ange. I certainly cannot take claim to their excellent organising of events in previous years.Thanks:)

    Link to FB page is here:

    Hope to see you there.

    Cheers :)

  8. @gcs1 the show ends at 11pm and the last tube i think is around 00:30am so you should have time take it to heathrow. i'm actually doing the same thing as my flight leaves 7:30 on wednesday morning.

  9. Very sorry about that, Ange. As it was Chris and Nicci who sent it to me, I thought it was a Curedrink.

  10. Anyone know if there will be any aftershow parties???
    Dont the pubs close early in London?
    It would be nice to have somewhere to go after the show as it would be a major anti climax just going back to a hotel room!!!

  11. @antti: great then we are alreay two. my flight goes at 6.50. so we can decide if we go together;-) i also found some places in london which are open 24 hours. let´s see what makes sense.

    and thanks again jubline for your suggestions! always nice to hear from you!

  12. For those in London on 14th, the event on FB is:

    See you there!

  13. Sorry about that, David. Got the link added now.

  14. Hi Antti and GCS1 i will also go to heathrow airtport after show or i can stay somewhere with you until morning ? let me know please... where i can find you ?

  15. hi antti, hi sergej! i'll be at queens arms before the show (around 6 pm) and will head to the airport afterwards. any suggestions how we will recognise each other? i am bald and have red glasses. maybe i'll wear my adidas cap and a grey fish-bone pattern coat if it's cold;-)

  16. Hello GCS1
    i am sure i will be see red glasses :-)))
    i will have 4tour cure t-shirt black rayban glasses
    and 10imaginaryyears book in hand ok?
    i will be at queens arms before 6 o'clock
    see you there
    tomorrow id the day

  17. @sergej
    perfect. i will have my trilogy t-shirt with me. maybe hidden under my pullover. cu g*

  18. hope everyone has a great time and that the show is wonderful!