Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robert Smith Disintegration action figure

Shannon has done it again (see 2005 RS here)! This time, it's Robert Smith from the Disintegration/Prayer Tour era. You can read more about it in the comments, and learn how it was made and see more photos here. Just amazing! Is it too late to get Rhino/Uni to include one in each of our Disintegration sets? : )
(Thanks Shannon)


  1. From Shannon: "Thought you might be interested in taking a look at my second Cure figure attempt; a 1989 Robert Smith.

    This one was entered in a Custom Action Figure contest. There was a Rock Star contest called Turn it Up!, there were some cool and interesting entries this time around, (I was betting on the Ziggy Stardust Bowie! He's quite awesome).

    I wouldn't mind if you'd like to share this with other COF followers, I know alot of folks seemed to adore the 2005 Mr Smith figure I shared last year, and this link includes some "making of" steps and tips for anyone who might be interested in trying to make their own. I was just concerned about waiting till the voting ended, (I didn't want to bias the voting by directing dozens of Cure fans to the site when other customizers wouldn't necessarily have that advantage). I think it would be okay now, just so long as nobody registers there just so they can voice their dissapproval of the voting results! :)"

  2. Not my thing, but very lifelike, great job!

  3. Craig:



  4. This is *SO* cute - I want one! :)

  5. Details of the face and gesture of the body are surprisingly realistic. Really nice sculpting especially of such a small figure.

    He really needs to do something though, like shoot laser beams out of his eyes or karate chop when you press his back. I want one for Christmas.

  6. Now THAT is cute :)

    I'd love it to say "This is the last tour ever" when you press his belly. Hours of enjoyment.

  7. Ha! I'll have to see about some kind of "action" button. Maybe a soccer-kick, or a drinking arm...