Friday, May 14, 2010

Ideal Copy Disintegration update

Update: A bit of more info in the new newsletter.

Chris @ Ideal Copy has given us an update on the bonuses that are being planned for their copies of the Disintegration sets, and you can read them here. He's also offering CoF readers a $3 discount on the import set. Just enter the code ENTREAT at checkout. (Thanks Chris)


  1. From Chris @ Ideal Copy: "Since December, we've been discussing with Rhino about providing Disintegration promotional materials for our customers. We've worked with Rhino in promoting Cure reissues since 2004 and they have always provided us with a purchase incentive. We were hoping to get the then-rumored promo sampler CDs.

    We were surprised to learn late last week that the Shop wanted to have an online exclusive with regards to the sampler. Since you never know for sure about anything until it's in your hands - we did have various other bonus incentive items on the backburner. And we may still be able to get some of these CD samplers, but not in the quantities that we were originally anticipating.

    Our contact at Rhino was very understanding of our situation and still wanted to do something cool for our customers. We are currently working with him on an alternate incentive: a bonus promotional poster similar to the 3 promotional posters we have given away with the previous Cure reissues. Since we do have to wait for approvals on that, we are also working on other bonus items including other posters, commercially released Cure singles, and more. So, we may end up including multiple bonus items.

    We also know that customers have different needs. Some will want the sampler CD. Some prefer posters. Some will want the lowest price for the reissue. And some will want to get the reissue as soon as possible. If you are in the latter group, we recommend the import version, EURO 3CD, which comes out two weeks earlier. And for CoF visitors only, we are offering a $3.00 discount on the import version. Enter ENTREAT in the coupon code box during checkout on our site.

    If you have already pre-ordered the US 3CD from us, please respond to your order confirmation email with any changes to your order. We, of course, want to go the extra mile to keep your order, so let us know what we can do. "

  2. More from Chris: "As long as supplies last, we will be including bonus(es) with the import, domestic, and the vinyl editions of Disintegration. (Any Disintegration promo poster that we get from Rhino would only be included with domestic versions).

    If you've already pre-ordered from us and want to use the coupon code, just email us with the ENTREAT code and we will adjust your invoice for the import version or to the import version if you are switching.

    In the past, the packaging on the import reissues has a clear
    plastic Outer Card Sleeve (O-card) with 'Deluxe Edition' printed on it while the domestic has a cardboard O-card (without any mention of 'Deluxe Edition'). We assume that will be the case with Disintegration.

    Anyone who pre-ordered the US 3CD with us at $34.99, will be getting a $5 credit or refund since Rhino dropped the suggested retail price by $5. We'll get that all sorted out in the coming days. More details in our email newsletter this week. If you are not signed up for our newsletter, email and we'll take care of that."

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  4. Lindsey said...thank you to chris for being so clear about everything :)

  5. notdeadyet said...Thanks for the info!! Much appreciated :)

  6. L said...This sounds very nice! Is there any "european" on-line store providing some bonus material?

  7. lisalovecat said...thanks for the info.

  8. Ronald said...If someone is willing to send me a copy of the promo to The Netherlands please contact me.

  9. Rambowl said...Thank you! You guys (Ideal Copy & Chain of Flowers) are the best!!

  10. I just got my copy from Ideal Copy, and they've not sent anything else! No bonus, no nothing! Why did I pay more to order from them again?

  11. TZ: Go to the first topic on this page, Disintegration Store Reports. Chris from Ideal Copy is answering questions there.
    But if you chose to get your poster rolled, not folded, those will be shipped separately.