Monday, May 10, 2010

Cure video night in Atlanta

May 14th - Cure video appreciation night at The Shelter in Atlanta. (Thanks Kent)


  1. Thank you for the link. Hope to see you all out here on Friday. - The Shelter

  2. Hey, SHELTER. If you're watching thecomments section can you consider the following:

    On these video appreciation nights, can you spin some additional band songs either before or after?

    I went to the DD night a few weeks back and was kind of disappointed that the videos were all the DURAN I heard.

    I also requested some JOY DIVISION. Instead I was given THE KILLERS 'Somebody Told Me'. Twice.

    Thanks for reading. Enjoyed the atmosphere

  3. Thanks Kent; some folks like to hear the featured artist sprinkled throughout the night, others are "enough already".
    As for JD vs. TK; I'll give him smack for ya! :)