Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Disintegration sampler at Rhino

Note: This only applies to pre-orders at, nowhere else.

"The first 500 pre-orders of DISINTEGRATION DELUXE EDITION will receive an exclusive preview disc, "3x3x3," a nine-song, promo-only sampler of DISINTEGRATION DELUXE EDITION that ships immediately (allow 10 business days for delivery). This is sure to be a sought-after Cure collectible and is the only place to get it and sample the collection before its release date, so act fast!"

They also have the vinyl, but I don't think that qualifies for the free sampler.


  1. Just ordered my copy! Hope they'll ship it to Holland...

  2. I preordered months ago. Will I get it ?

  3. Marc: You pre-ordered it from Rhino months ago? I didn't think they had it up until today.

  4. To be clear, this offer only applies to orders placed at If you ordered anywhere else, this does not apply to your order.

  5. Oops. Missed that. Ordered through Ideal Copy.

  6. If this means The Ideal Copy isn't going to be able to offer them I will be VERY disappointed

  7. Just got an email from Amazon that this has once again been delayed. Now states June 25th as the release date? UGH. 5 delays so far.

  8. so, no 'bonus' after all for ideal copy, it seems.

    i would try and cancel my order there (if even possible) except i'm sure the samplers are all gone now from rhino.

    (and now another delay?! this whole process has been a joke)

  9. ehh nothing from ideal copy then? :(

  10. Don't assume that Ideal Copy won't have their bonus item(s). They should have an announcement on that soon. Until then, note that their prices have been adjusted to $29.99 for the domestic CD set, and $35.99 for the import CD. This is due to Rhino lowering their MSRP from $39.99 to $34.99.

    Also, no confirmation of another delay. At least not yet. Those adjusted delivery dates from Amazon don't mean a thing right now. They do that all the time. But it might mean they didn't order enough to meet the demand.

  11. DJ: Did your email specifically say the release date was delayed? Or just the delivery date?

  12. Thank you Craig for this info, just ordered a new copy from Rhino too. I wonder how we can be sure to get the sampler. Gonna write them an email, to be sure.

  13. I wonder if this is an eu cd sampler or Us cd sampler? I have only seen eu cd so far on ebay.

  14. Message from Amazon:
    Hello from

    We're writing about the order you placed on March 20 2010. Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed
    below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based
    on the new release date:

    The Cure "Disintegration: 20th Anniversary Edition"
    Estimated arrival date: June 21 2010 - June 25 2010

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this delay.

  15. Is that the vinyl? At Amazon, the CD is listed as "Deluxe Edition" while the vinyl is listed as "20th Anniversary Edition."

  16. Either I missed it, or there's no indication of whether or not you were in the first 500. Maybe I should have gone to the casino down the street instead?

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  18. Thanks for the update, Chris. And for the discount code. Will the bonus items apply to orders for the import set?

  19. another question for idealcopy (or anyone else who may know the answer) would be: is there ANY difference in the packaging between the import version and the US version of the 3-disc set?

    The pictures I've seen at least show that the import version has the "deluxe edition" printed on what I assume would be the plastic sleeve. The US versions of the previous deluxe editions has cardboard sleeves without the "deluxe edition" printed on them. And if that is a difference between the two, is that the only difference in packaging?

    Yeah, I'm nitpicky, but this is my favorite album ever and I feel validated in being nitpicky. :)

  20. Yes, I orderd the domestic version back in December. I plan to keep this order from Idealcopy, and wait. Question is what will I get with my order. The sampler was cool, but why get that when you get the music anyway with the 3cd set. I would rather have something else (I know it's 2 late) like a Disintegration t-shirt or something else. I know collecting covers are cool but the sampler is not that special, I felt the same way with Integration back in I think it was 1990, same music in a purple tinted box and a folded poster I already bought at the Dodger Stadium show (unfolded)

    Idealcopy gave the incentive to buy from them, and Rhino messed that up. Now what.

    I forget what I paid for the domestic back in December, I will check, but is it cheaper now, and could I get the discount refunded on my same order.

    sorry for the rant....

  21. As long as supplies last, we will be including bonus(es) with the import, domestic, and the vinyl editions of Disintegration. (Any Disintegration promo poster that we get from Rhino would only be included with domestic versions).

    If you've already pre-ordered from us and want to use the coupon code, just email us with the ENTREAT code and we will adjust your invoice for the import version or to the import version if you are switching.

    In the past, the packaging on the import reissues has a clear plastic Outer Card Sleeve (O-card) with 'Deluxe Edition' printed on it while the domestic has a cardboard O-card (without any mention of 'Deluxe Edition'). We assume that will be the case with Disintegration.

    Anyone who pre-ordered the US 3CD with us at $34.99, will be getting a $5 credit or refund since Rhino dropped the suggested retail price by $5. We'll get that all sorted out in the coming days. More details in our email newsletter this week. If you are not signed up for our newsletter, email and we'll take care of that.