Thursday, March 12, 2009

What The Cure Taught Me About Courage

Very nice article about going to see The Cure in 87. (Thanks Kate)


  1. kate, THANK YOU!!! i know the author, he used to DJ at the local station here until a couple years ago - hes bootleg/mashup DJ, i had no idea he was writing for MJ now!

    neither did i know he had such a great cure story. totally made my day.
    (writing from school comp - no internet @ home :(

  2. Story really made you feel like you were there. Brought back so many memories of going to a big concert in SF when you're from a small town.

  3. Casa Bonita - or, rather, escaping Casa Bonita to see The Cure at Red Rocks - ftw! :D Lucky boys!

  4. Awwww! That was a cute story!

    My first Cure concert ever was also in Denver. And dude is right. I-80 across Nebraska is the most loooong and boring drive you'll ever experience! :)

  5. Thanks Kate! What a the lovely story! Takes me back to to the 80's when I was teenager sneaking around going to shows & clubs too. I actually got better tickets to shows in those days than I sometimes do now with the internet. Ah I miss staying up late at the venue waiting in line for tickets. Those were fun times!

  6. cure_kitty, you are welcome!