Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All Kinds of Stuff

4:13 Dream reviews from the Northwest Missourian and The Star in Malaysia. (Thanks Kate)

Cure place 2 songs on NME's 20 Greatest Goth Tracks. (Thanks JC)

Cure mention by pianist Christopher O' Reilly. (Thanks Kate)


  1. Holy cats, the NME linked to my YouTube account!

  2. You are the link to the immortal, Rev! (thank you for salvaging what was a pretty piss-poor list)

  3. Wow, that list of the 20 greatest goth tracks is ridiculous. Cities in Dust? Are they serious? Not Night Shift, not Red Light, not Melt, but Cities in Dust?

    And who's the moron at NME that thinks that The Mission and Bauhaus are examples of "cartoon goth", and then goes on to sing the praises of Marilyn Manson? WTF?!!!

  4. Yeah, a bit of a shocker but hey that's the NME for you..Catering for 16 y/o emo kids............

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  6. That goth list is just pathetic with the exception of the bands from the 80's. The best goth music was way back in those olden days.

    And Bauhaus can sing circles around Marilyn Manson any day. God I love Peter Murphy!

    MM is the most cartoonish musical act I've even seen. Does anyone really consider him goth??? The Dude just give me the creeps! :P

    Yey for rev, at least NME was smart enough to use one of her videos!