Wednesday, February 18, 2009

O2 ticket update

"Dear Big Gig/The Cure Ticket Holders
What follows is of the utmost concern to you... Please read on.

As of Monday 16th February, Trinity Street, the company that powered and handled your Big Gig ticket transaction, ceased trading and went into administration. The upshot of this is that all orders, payments, information and communications are frozen and out of our reach for the time being.

We are confident that at the very least, we will be able to gain access to the basic customer order details / database within the next 24hours. This will then allow us to contact you directly with more information, instructions and help where necessary IN RESPECT OF your orders.

Please rest assured that our primary concern right now is you the fan...
We really appreciate your patience in this difficult time... more news to follow soon.

AEG Live"

(Thanks Perfect.Murder)


  1. what a mess - this makes me very angry! I sincerely hope it gets sorted very quickly. Might be a case of getting there even earlier to get tickets with credit cards at the door!

    And nothing from

    ..once again Craig and the COF are the source of real information. Thanks everyone!

  2. Anyone also noticed the 'Store' section on is now down.

    This was also ran by Trinity Street Marketing.

    When you try and access it you just get 'Service Unavailable' message