Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trilogy Blu-ray reviews

A new review at inthisweek.com and a quick mention at The Huffington Post. (Thanks Ryan and Kate)

Blog Critics loves it. And this comment was very nice: "Just one of these sets would be worth owning, but combined they are a must-have, especially if you are a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Aside from the great number of songs they created, no band not inducted has had more of an impact on music and musicians." (Thanks Kate)

DVD Talk says it's Highly Recommended. (Thanks Jason)

Video Business has a review up. (Thanks Kate)

Big Picture, Big Sound gives Trilogy a 3.5/4. (Thanks Kate)

Blu-ray.com has a review of the new Trilogy Blu-ray. Did they like it? A little. : ) "Frankly, this is the best Blu-ray presentation of a rock concert I have seen thus far. Very Highly Recommended! "
(Thanks Kate and Steve)


  1. I still find it hard to believe that the dvd version of Trilogy can be improved upon!

    Stores in Australia show the release date for this as 19th January - but all have flagged "delays in receipt of stock" - so who knows when it will make it down under. ;)

  2. I was hoping for some decent extras to set it apart from the DVD but guess I'll have to settle!

    Sounds like it'll be worth it.

  3. Some "info" about Trilogy Blue-ray on the Official Site.

    And the only official sites of RSx on the Net...


  4. Now we need The Cure in Orange on Blue.

  5. 1080i? *sigh* well at least we get DTS-MA 5.1

  6. Heck, I would take Orange on regular DVD!

  7. I think the Trilogy DVD could be improved... but substituting the performance by concerts played on the tours of the tree albums...

  8. I want a release of every Cure music video (sans the very dull 4:13 singles) on Bluray.

  9. andy gives Trilogy 5/5. this just in.

  10. 1080i has to be the native format for this... at the time of filming noone had 1080p... i'd rather have this be the same as the source format than to have it doctored up, to fake 1080p, not to mention the original DVD's looked great in 480p... it's the reason i had to buy a HDTV.

  11. @Zap, that's not true. 1080p has been around since the late 90's at least.


    Check the date of the article (not when it was posted) - April 1998.

    There's no reason that they could not have put it out in 1080p.

  12. the source format is confirmed here:

    to quote:
    "Captured in high definition at 1080i/60 in 2002 using 12 cameras"

    i know 1080p existed as a specification... but if the cameras existed in 2002 they were both rare and expensive.

  13. i know it's kinda off topic.
    but roger never get's enough credit for making disintegration so rad.

    i've been watching the new trilogy, and i watched the old one a million times, but never noticed before how much robert spends alot of time giving him really mean looks.

    i know they can't make the sound better but i'd love to see 'in orange' on the blue ray

  14. just got my blu ray copy yesterday AND IT LOOKS AND SOUNDS AMAZING. and it is really nice to have the show all on one disc.and i think roger is awsome on bloodflowers. it seems as a four piece they cant play a lot of bloodflowers.

  15. Anyone noticed how the Amazon UK listing says this was made in 1996??