Thursday, February 19, 2009

No London O2 in Holland, Germany, Spain

"Yelmo Cines (Spain), has canceled the showing too. Tomorrow Yelmo Cines will give us an explanation about the reasons." (Thanks to Ivan @ hispaCure)

"Foroxity just canceled the showing, apparently because the gig won't be broadcast by satellite after all. Dunno if this is true for all cinemas." (Thanks Menno)

Been canceled in Germany, too.


  1. What's the reason for that? And are the broadcasts in Spain/Czech Rep./Ireland/Belgium cancelled, too??? Such a shame...

  2. this just in: ASK ROBERT is probably never gonna happen. :( I feel.

    Also, did anyone get around to hearing The Only One remixed by 65DoS? did that ever get released?

  3. ^ I kept meaning to ask about the Ask Robert thing; I didn't have access to a computer for 4 or 5 weeks over christmas and thought maybe I'd missed it. I'll be gutted if it never happens. I wonder why they gave up on it?

    Anyway, this sucks for the German and Spanish fans; broadcasting the show was a cool idea.

  4. off topic, does anyone know where can i get decent, free,
    easy-to-understand keyboard tabs for cure songs?

  5. "this just in: ASK ROBERT is probably never gonna happen."

    hmm, why would you say that Andy? I figured Robert's put it aside for now, what with all the OTHER stuff he has to do... unless all the questions were rubbish?! lol.
    I think he'll do it when he has more time.

    And I believe the 65DOS mix of The Only One is up on iTunes??

  6. Ireland cancelled too. Just phoned the cinema

  7. My ASK ROBERT question is:When is ASK ROBERT gonna happen?!