Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reminder - Q Profile: The Cure

"Tune in to Q Radio this Sunday evening (8-9pm) as Q Magazine features editor, Dave Everley profiles the life and career of legends, The Cure. Click here for Q Radio. UK residents can also tune in via their digital TVs - Sky Channel 0181, Freeview Channel 716 and Virgin Channel 878, online at & on DAB in London." (Thanks Lauren)


  1. Yay for another radio Cure-fest!

  2. The host has fluffed his lines like 3 times now...

  3. ooh I love that mix with Lullaby :)
    Anyone got it? Care to share an MP3 with me?

  4. Well, that was good, ended with TOO

    Shame 4:13 dropped off uk chart already..

  5. I thought it was boring. Just back to back singles. So the cure was a goth band that then exclusively made lots of silly pop songs? The host sounded as enthusiastic as if he'd been talking about computer programming or something similar. and WMS, Bloodflowers and ST just never happened? Well I suppose it's still nice to hear the cure mentioned and played, especially in the Uk, but come one , try a bit harder. Like you mean it.
    Next week is "guns and roses". What a terrible band!!! Terrible name, terrible songs, please don't do that to us, let's have another Cure special, but a proper one this time.