Thursday, November 13, 2008

Official site update

Geffen has updated the official site, with dates for the airing of The Cure Live in Rome.


  1. When the concert will be airing in MTV Latinoamerica, especially in Mexico ?

    MTV can´t forget us.

    ¡¡¡ WE WANT CURE !!!

  2. MTV is idiotic! They aren't even showing it here in the US. Not that they ever show anything on it other than the stupid reality shows about washed up tv starts and spoiled girls on their birthdays. :\

    At least it's on YouTube!

  3. but WHAT ABOUT LA!!!!!!!!

    he needs to confirm LA!!!!

    i am nervous that it will fall through like soundstage did.

    come on boo!!!!!!! just a quick update with that is all i need!! then i will feel better!

  4. i just got an email from geffen informing me 4:13 is now available , only 2 weeks late , pretty cool huh?

  5. i just realized that Switch needs a big nice scream right the last part of the song, just when robert finishes the last chorus.
    "i am sick of being alone with my self, etc.."
    *insert robertsy angry scream here*

  6. DBC - i got that email as well a couple of days ago, it seemed really stupid sending it just now

  7. LOL. I just checked my junk email. You're right. It seems The Cure has released a new album called "4:13 Dream".

    Sounds intriguing. Might have to just check that out. (rolling eyes)

  8. Hey, I received that e-mail yesterday my Junk Folder!

  9. I too have just received that same email...I'm in Australia... *sigh* wankers... they really go out of their way to promote their artists don't they? I laffed when I received it... fools...