Monday, November 10, 2008

Cure artwork

"After seeing the Cure art you posted up I thought I should send in a photo of the painting given to my mum for her birthday last year by a friend of hers. (Thanks April)

"Seeing as you're on the subject of Cure Artwork, I thought I'd send you this. I drew this with chalk back in 1989 at art college. I was pretty proud of it back then and still am." (Thanks Steve)

"In my college drawing class we were assigned a project where you layer the numbers 1-5 and fill in the negative space with a theme of some sort. Well, after many failed themes i decided to do artwork from Cure albums/singles! I wanted to share this with you all. I'm really really happy with it. (My art teacher also thought it was awesome. I got an A)." (Thanks Tara/believer_ko)

"Hi I'm Benjamien t'Kindt, a Belgian cure fan, and here is my cure wall painting. I worked 2 weeks on it, drawing and painting. And the cure fans like the results, so maybe you can put it on your site." (Thanks Benjamien)


  1. These are both just beautiful! I LOVE Cure fan artwork!

  2. STUNNING!! excellent work you two!

  3. Those are both amazing! =)

    I'm so envious of all you artistic people out there!

  4. pretty amazing all of them:) although i do see some resemblance between Lol and Prince.. and they all look very... 80's??

  5. first one was fab, the second was paint by numbers boring...

  6. i meant the wall painting was boring not the actual numbers painting , that one was pretty cool

  7. thanks you guys! :) it really means a lot.

    oh and 'robert's bunghole':
    it wasn't a painting. i used prismacolor colored pencils. :)

    but again, thank you all so much.

  8. Very Nice art work! Thanks for sharing!

  9. well, seeing as though my "art" is basically stick figures, I applaud you all!! very creative, well done...

  10. very nice. You should all be proud of yourselves and your work! thanks for sharing :)

  11. Fantastic job guys! All Brilliant!

    Shame on me for not knowing, but on Tara's Theme which singles artwork is surrounded by HOTD/TOP/KISSME/PORN ?? A+ by the way Tara, absolutely excellent

    And on Benji's painting Robert,Simon and Porl are just great, but his Roger and Boris remind me of Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon (Stars of that cinematic masterpiece Wild Things). Can anyone else see that?

  12. swifty:

    haha no shame. i had to go to the discography page on the cure's website to find single artwork to use. it is from The Caterpillar!

    and thank you so much! all of you!