Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And even more 4:13 reviews

US - Tuscon Weekly (mixed), The Channels Online (4), The Phoenix (3/4), Fearnet (positive), SF Bay Guardian (negative), New University (mixed), Salt Lake Tribune (C+), Vail Daily (3.5/5).
UK - Uncut (4).
Canada - Hour (3/5), Montreal Mirror (7.5/10), Voir (3/5).
Ireland - Entertainment (3.5/5).
Italy - Il Cibicida (negative), Gufetto (positive), Storia Della Musica (3.5/5).
Belgium - Humo Magazine (3.5/4).
(Thanks Kate, Swifty, Riccardo, Heron, fmjews, Carl, Darrell, and Sophie)


  1. MontrealMirror heralds the return of guitarist Perry Bamonte.
    Just depths and sinking.

  2. Nice to see some positive reviews...

  3. what are the other supposed old tracks? or is that just shite?

  4. " New Wave Rockers "


  5. I am ashamed of the Montreal Mirror. The only half decent thing in there is the rant line anyway.

  6. I just wrote them a disgruntled note in protest. haha.

  7. Shame. Perry!!

    It's call learn to check your sources, twice.
    Learn to read your text back over and over.
    Damn lazy people.

  8. who is from tucson sneaking around here??? I PROBABLY KNOW YOU!

  9. craig, off topic completely, but d'you know where i can get a really hi-res copy of the caterpillar 7" artwork?

  10. Good review in Uncut but come on Underneath the Stars and The Hungry Ghost definatly arn't the albums "Bad Moments".

  11. re: the two italian reviews. The first (Il Cibicida) is critical with respect to technical aspects, i.e. the lack of keyboards, the overuse of wha-wha, the quality of the final mix. The second (Gufetto) is quite positive, a sort of retrospective appraisal of the long history of the band and the athmospheres of their music. As soon as I get some time I will translate it for you.

  12. The more I read these reviews, the lamer they get. Get you're Cure Facts Correct People!!!

  13. fuzzed-out bass and whooshing synths power "Freakshow" — and, like several other songs on the record, both clock in at under 2:30.

    That a bit from the Phoenix one...
    So many mistakes. Even the good critics are god awful nowadays.
    Whooshing synths powers Freakshow? Seriously? WTF.
    And so, several other songs beside Freak and Siren clocks in at under 2:30??
    Obviously, the writer did put mucho attention to the listening of the album... wonder what he thought of that Robert Smith duet with Ashlee Simpsons for The Real Snow White?

    And also, is it just me or most of those critics only listen to the first 3 songs and then comment?

    Turturro Christ!!