Saturday, November 15, 2008

KROQ is NOT confirmed

I don't want to ruin the fun and excitement, but as of Friday, The Cure were NOT confirmed for the KROQ Almost Acoustic X-mas. Doesn't mean they won't be playing, doesn't mean they will. But as of Friday, The Cure are not booked for that event. As soon as I hear something either way, I'll post it. (Thanks Anonymous)


  1. Well what's taking so long?

    (just kidding)

  2. Inflatable - has it left you feeling.... deflated?

  3. Elise,

    That was bad. I actually groaned out loud!

    But I loved it, because that's the kind of bad pun I would make!! :)

  4. At least we don't have to spend so much $$$ and beat assholes for tickets to see one band...

  5. I didn't say it WASN'T going to happen. Just that they haven't been booked yet (as of Friday). We should know something soon.

  6. I heard that the bigger bands (headliners) get announced later. Shrug. It seems like if The Cure plays on December 13 (Saturday), it makes sense for the random night show performances...

  7. You can listen to an hour's worth of the Sheperd's Bush 1997 concert on the BBC6 website for a few days.
    It aired earlier in the night.

  8. I forgot to mention it's definitely worth a listen : a bunch of unusual songs (Torture!!) - I thought they'd only pick the singles and inflict yet another Boys don't cry on us. Well done, BBC6!

  9. well, actually, they did, and they left off "piggy in the mirror"!
    Plus, I've had a look at the past tours archive, and realised the cure played two nigths at Sheperd's Bush, and this is the second night. A shame, really, because the first night had a incredible selist :the holy hour, the same deep water as you, untitled.
    Still, this is better than nothing.

  10. Here is the link to the BBC6 thing. It took me a while to find it.

  11. I'm not worried about them playing KROQ I am more worried about WHAT NIGHT they will play KROQ and getting tix!

    I hate the UNKNOWN, its really putting a damper on my sleep.

  12. Lucky it's not happening this week/weekend. The air here is BAD. The fires are everywhere and I was caught on a freeway yesterday and could barely breathe.

  13. I do hope they announce this info soon for the peeps who will be in LA that weekend. Must be a bit unnerving to have to wait. If I was going this would drive me nuts! :p

  14. Kel - ive been losing sleep over this too!!

    Makes me INSANE!!!

    i am hesitant about booking my flights because i REALLY want to see them at KROQ and I dont what DAMN DAY YET!!

    COME ON!!


  15. Man, part of me wants to change my flight to return on monday in case they play on sunday....

    i havent booked it yet...

    but MAN - im not even sure if i can get tickets to this damn cali-only event!!

    sounds like it will be difficult to get them and expensive too -because i will most likely have to be raped by a ticket scalper to get pit tickets!!


    i am too old for this!!!