Thursday, April 11, 2013

Robert interview with La Nacion

La Nacion (English) has a new interview with Robert. Here are a few excerpts:

Robert: "The other day, in San Paulo, singing a song called "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep", I began to mourn. I was really surprised. Sometimes it's like I disappear from the stage. It's hard to explain, but when that happens, I finish exhausted. It's like reliving 35 years of your life."

Robert on Punk: " It really was very enjoyable, a great movement. Every week there were fantastic concerts of bands like Sex Pistols, The Clash, Buzzcocks, The Stranglers. Suddenly everything seemed to be changing in the music industry. One could think that disco music would not exist anymore & pop would change forever. But of course none of that happened. The punk culture built its own way and that left a mark on us all. What happened was, punk became a standard product & then everyone began to do the same thing. At the end it was rubbish. But the interesting thing is how punk is still there, the flame is still lit. I still feel punk. I hate pomposity, hate brands, hate ads.The Cure has a punk ethic, everything we do. And that is the essence of punk."

Robert (on still having that childlike side after 50): "Before we talked about me being a manager and I assure you this is a very complex industry, very difficult, with many people fucking around. From that standpoint, I can not be so childish. Surviving in this business full of unpleasant people is not easy. The pharmaceutical industry and the defense industry are less complex than the music industry. But I really enjoy my job and would not trade it for anything. In that sense I have a boyish outlook when I'm with The Cure. I generate a childlike happiness. As for the idea of ​​not being a father I have not changed my mind. When I was ten I was very bitter when my mother had a baby. I hated my mother then. Luckily I am now much more balanced with respect to that issue. And I have people around me that I love and who love me. I keep trying to see the world through the eyes of a child and my nephews help me with that a lot. I have nephews of all ages and it's nice to spend time with them. To them I'm the crazy uncle. I enjoy seeing the world from their perspective and what treatment is of being an old cynic. So I understand it."
(Thanks @chrispatr)

Note: As Robert mentioned in the Paraguay press conference, you have to remember the answers in all of these interviews have been translated from English to Spanish or Portuguese, then back to English in our case, so something might get lost in translation.


  1. For example, they translated "90 shows in europe last sumer", when clearly Robert said nineteen :)

  2. Smiling t the thought of 90 shows in one summer. Exhausting.