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Robert interview in XL

Update (6/30/12): Scans of the article here and a rough translation below. (Thanks Pierluigi and Gianfranco)


And whether or not Robert Smith of The Cure protagonist of the bizarre cult-film Sorrentino? XL reveals it from page 40 ... This Must Be The Man

As a boy he did not know who or what he wanted to become. Today, aged 53, continues to be the same questions. And, on the eve of the Italian dates of what could be his last tour, Robert Smith bestowed an exclusive interview to XL. Very intimate... and dark.

The Cure
I try to see what is funny side of life but it is too stupid

He, the prince of darkness alive at night. Go to bed when the sun rises, rises in the afternoon. Darkness hides a little, as behind the lipstick and eyeliner. In the darkness he plays tennis (sometimes naked) and walks until dawn. He plays, writes, composes. The night is his kingdom. For real. It seems almost a stereotype, a bizarre cliché. It's not about the fact that Robert Smith is considered a dark or the Cure, the band that he founded and led for over 30 years, are classified as a goth band. He was so in the beginning. Everything else came after.

"I hate the fucking morning. When I was a kid and I got up to go to school I promised myself that I would never do a job that requires waking up early, " he has kept his promise and is the reason why this interview was agreed to on a Friday night one of the spring. Unable to move it to a normal timetable. "Mr. Smith Does not do normal" is the answer. then to Mr. Smith does not like interviews and prefers them over the phone remains secure in his home in Aldwick in West Sussex, where he lives with his wife Mary.

It is a rare opportunity to try to decipher the mystery smith (who really is?) Before the treatment to take off for the summer concerts at festivals throughout Europe, including Italy where they will play without even having an album to promote. I try to dig a bit into his world.
When I ask why this night chat smith is taken aback "everything I do I do it at nightfall. but I'm weird. For me this is normal. " Irrefutable logic. the rest which is the parameter of the strangeness?
"That's if you compare me to the bank clerk can seem bizarre. But it's my job that allowed me some extravagances. and sometimes, the drugs in the past. but believe me, and I want to say once and for all: I'm normal. are not eccentric. lipstick? it's just my look! when people start to know me can not believe how normal I am. not one that stands out. there is a part of me that is absolutely silent. and a small part that is out of control instead. the most extreme and eccentric for me is to go on stage and sing in front of a sea of ​​people. when I think of myself as a singer in a famous band I can not believe it's really me. as a child I hated perform, I avoided all the school plays. I did not want to be noticed. but for goodness sake do not tell me I'm shy. it is not. many artists claim to be, but how do you reconcile the life of a performer with timidity? impossible. rather I do not care what others think of me"

In the early '80s, the Cure, included in the post-punk have churned out masterpieces such as faith and pornography and gloom of the label has stuck to them, "are disturbed by this conviction of the people. I'm surely not the earth more than happy but not sad, "he says as if it were a deliverance" I tend to write songs when I'm in a reflective moment and songs that touch most people's feelings are often the least happy. But then ask the fans who know us only for FIIL and they will tell you that I am a cheerful type who composes pop songs. The truth is that I tend to write what I feel. The Lovecats, Friday had no commercial ambitions. Were the mirror of my emotions at that time. The Cure of the rest are not even a goth band. Just was not the Gothic movement we saw these. Not that I mind this label but the treatment is not definable. We're not goth and pop, we're The Cure "

 His philosophy is the disenchantment "I'm writing my autobiography for ten years. but it is not over. I can not spend more than two hours a day because in this type of writing is involved an incredible amount of ego, and after a while I laugh. I say this is so fucking stupid. I want her out when The Cure will cease their activities. I do not like people to post their memories while they are still in the prime of their career. It seems that they fear the end and want to exorcise it. "

The end seems close but Smith wants to reassure fans there will surely be the first of farewell and a new album might come out later this year: "4:13 Dream should have been a double album, but it wasn't released as such, therefore we got a lot of songs already written and ready. But I am a little torn. There are so many songs, about 100, that I enjoy playing live, and it's already so difficult to choose what to play at shows. With a new album it would be even more difficult. But for sure, before our public farewell, we'll release the record. It'll be the continuation of the previous one and it'll be accompanied by the DVD of our show in Paris in 2008 and perhaps by a live from this summer. It will be slow and full of emotions. The typical Cure-sound."

Concert this summer adds: "We tried to reach a balance. at festivals there are die-hard fans who expect certain songs and then those who do not know us. of Fire we have something for everyone. There will be surprises. I think many will be amazed at the show, the songs we do. three of these, for example, do not we play for 25 years and are virtually as new "

In the 36 year history of The Cure they have changed a lot, many members have gone for some time. say that working with him is not easy: "It is not true! others are difficult! it's not a big deal. is not a scandal if someone leaves the band. we all have a life and to a certain age, maybe you need a break or want to take care of another project. Jason comes and goes from 15 years. Sometimes the pressure is so great and I realize that other members do not always want to follow my musical direction. So, honestly leave. but I have never quarreled with anybody. are in contact with everyone. Sometimes those who left did not get along with others but I have never been the cause. are the only one not to have children but I feel a bit like their father. The Cure were a great opportunity and I always wished the best for us. why I wanted to handle it personally and always have control, otherwise someone else would have done "

For the band may be the last tour: "I'm slowly slipping into retirement, but I do not mind. the rest is 20 years since I think that to stop. I think I can not go on, I am 53 years old, began to be a bit old for the stage. I want to leave until I'm famous, until they are able to perform at high levels. I do not care to become a parody of myself "

this must be the place: "I received an email from the production who asked me to use boys don't cry and wanted to involve me in the film. essentially sought my blessing. but I did not feel at ease. I preferred rimanerme out why I did not want people to think that was the story of my life. and then also out of respect for my father. I did not want it to be associated with the Nazis. although I have not seen the movie and I do not know the plot. However sean penn is not like me at all. "
Not at all? "I do not understand how can you say otherwise! not me. seems to me the singer of Mission. Edward Scissorhands is more like me! "
Curiously, the look is the same as yours: "My look is not built at the table. was born by chance. and I have to goth inspired. " responds as if avese already explained a thousand times.

But the voice is gentle, sweet and hypnotic touch "trick when I was a kid, I always liked. make-up emphasizes the features of my face and I suppose in some ways I face shield. So tanned I feel larger than life, I can deal with it. but in the end we are always down there myself. and still are responsible for being a bit old for the lipstick. I began to introduce normal person to family dinners. I did not want to scare children. and now at this moment does not look like it either. do not recognize me. "

I need to know. What to wear? "I just got back from the tests and I am quite tired. I sat on the couch and removed shoes and socks. For a change I have a t-shirt and black trousers of the same color. But ten days I shave and is now dotted with white. They are rigged because the evidence was in a public place and I made an effort to look like myself. However, after a long time I cut my hair. hours are rather short. I decided to ban together because they were really unmanageable, even for me. "

And this obsession with black? "Black leans and not dirty. others tease me because Christmas is that I put the same shirt. everything looks the same on me. there is no need to go shopping. I buy everything on the Internet in large quantities. I recently ordered ten identical black shirts. The only transgression are a pair of jeans I Leeche for 15 years. "

Robert was married to Mary in 1988 "I hope to be a good husband, but you should ask her. I know that every day we wake up and we are always in love. we have fun together as twenty years ago. I'm lucky. although she always steals my make-up," jokes to hide the emotion. Speaking of the wife softens. Together she chose not to have children, sorry?
"No. I do not believe in the joy of life. I do not want to impose it on anyone. 25 26 I have grandchildren, I've lost count, and are always surrounded by young people. the truth is that I'm selfish, I do not want responsibility and love doing what I want. The family will change, but since I'm the father, the relationship I have with myself was not altered by the children. a part of me has never grown up and I like my hand a little silly and unconscious, " he admits candidly.

"I always try to see the funny side but life is absurd and stupid. When I was a kid I did not understand what was the meaning, I did not know who and what I wanted to be. 53 years and today it still seems to be in that situation, waiting for responses that never arrive at this point. Maybe I would have a lot of questions if I were convinced that there there was something bigger. I received a religious education, but I have never cheated. religion makes me uncomfortable as very devout people. Do not believe it. Instead, I believe in Father Christmas and fairies in the woods! "He adds laughing. then realized "oh god, this will put me in trouble with the Italians it? ".

He adds, "I am aware of being inconsistent. existence does not make sense but I'm terrified of the length of life. is too short and often along the way you lose people you love. So I decided to live each day as if it were your last. and I hope that it is not today because I'd hate to end my earthly adventure with an interview. "

Before taking leave ("I'm tired a lot") shares his musical tastes.
"My favorite band in the world are the Explosions In The Sky. I have 17000 songs on my Ipod, my entire CD collection. There's also stuff that I bought as a teenager or even recognize. I'm listening again in the alphabetical order. I just started D, take me 3 years to get to the end I have an eclectic and often change like this: I really like the changes. except when it concerns myself "

Original post: There's a new Robert Smith interview in the July/August issue of Italian magazine XL (English).

"this is what the magazine says in the "preview": "...The cure. Robert smith had an exclusive interview with Xl repubblica's magazine just before the Italian concerts and talking about what could be his last tour. An exclusive and very intimate interview that fans must read..."

and at the right bottom of robert picture "...I'm a normal person, i'm not sad but i simply can't believe in happiness..."
(Thanks Pierluigi)


  1. Why do they keep using that dreadful old photo? Yeesh.

    1. because on this he looks appealing to what young italian women may like? sex sells...

    2. they love his tinsel hair!

  2. It is possible to buy that from June, the 29th. If have time I will translate the interview :)

  3. It is possible to buy that from June, the 29th. If have time I will translate the interview :)

  4. No, don't Robert!!! Don't stop!!!

  5. Robert said he would stop 2,356 times. You just have to hear how he says goodbye this tour : "see you again". So it's not the last tour. I'm really anxious when he stops pretrending that and he's always been explaining that i's the best way to go on stage : do it as if it was the last time.

  6. i have to buy that next week!

  7. "I'm not sad but I can't believe in happiness." Robert is basically Buddhist. I hear it in the lyrics all the time.

  8. Lol, RS has said it's the 'end of The Cure' about 50x. The only time I actually believed was during the Disintegration tour, because that whole record/period had an 'end' feel to it...

    ...and then 2.5 years later I heard 'High' on the radio and never believed him again with that nonsense.

    RS likes to say things to rile up the interviewers, and we know he isn't the most reliable with statements about things we want (like the fabled dark album).

    Now, I don't know if we'll ever see another Cure studio record again, but touring? No doubt we'll see more tours, and more full album shows.

    RS is only 53, he has at least 5 - 7 good years left, and maybe more. Over 60, I don't know, but honestly I think he'll be playing music in some capacity until the day he dies.

    1. I really hope they still tour in 2015-17...I have to see them before I die too!

  9. well, i'm a pessimist and this news makes me very VERY worried (very). especially since my whole dream last night was me desperately trying to get the last two cure tickets i could in LA and NYC. scary.

  10. ok you people have deep psychological issues which should be addressed. With your therapist. I'm not saying I don't? I'm just saying don't give up until it's too late. Then fukkit.

    1. i've been checked out and they say it's terminal! thanks for the concern. off to mope...

  11. I would really love to see a translation of this article. Does anyone have time? Much appreciated!

  12. man, i'm starting to get worried. looks like Robert is kinda weary now. do you think he is? i hope he's not. public farewell? i hope it's the opposite!

  13. all the same thing always the end of the cure maybe nex 3 year !!!!

  14. It's really hard to believe anything he says.

  15. Never forget that he loves putting the band like himself in the kind of spirit that it's the last time they do it. And we all agree on how efficient it is.

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  17. Thanks very much. Hmmm. New album this year seems possible. Hope it happens. I hope it's released early next year at the latest. Interesting that he's working on an autobiography.