Wednesday, June 27, 2012

HD video of The Cure at Primavera 2012

The PrimaveraSoundTV channel on YouTube has added some great HD clips from The Cure webcast - High / Lovesong / The End of the World / The Hungry Ghost / A Forest / Bananafishbones


  1. Thanks. Great warm up for me going to the eurockeennes an Paleo Festival!

  2. Great clips. Don't know if anyone mentioned this before... But what is that slogan/sentence Robert has written all over his guitar: 2012:Citizens, not subjects? And there is that mysterious Bunny Lake character/figure again, (at the left side of his guitar). What is he hinting at...?

  3. I guess that 'citizens not subjects' is an anti royalist slogan ? He's had it on his guitar for a few years now, and added 2012 for this tour probably because this year is the Queen's diamond jubilee in England ?
    About the bunny, I remember this has been discussed here but can't remember what this is about. Any help out there ?

  4. Replies
    1. That wasn't part of the webcast. It ended with Bananafishbones.

  5. hungly ghost i very dont like it ,i realy like the sound with porl thompson guitar!

  6. I guess this is why they pulled the one I uploaded on my account.