Friday, April 1, 2011

Cure and Depeche Mode 1987 studio footage

Thanks to the always excellent Slicing Up Eyeballs for posting this as their Vintage Video today.

Update: And here's more from Miraval.
(Thanks Perfect.Murder and Impression of Sounds)


  1. Good sweet lord, that is awesome. Is there any more footage from that broadcast snippet of Just Like Heaven? What a cool session/run through to have recorded. My favorite band, in the year I became obsessive about them!

  2. well then check that one out as well

  3. Nice clip, the voice over is annoying as hell though.

    Oh hey Perfect.Murder I got one of your posters off ebay. Now lovingly hanging on my wall.

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  5. Glad you like it AndrewV127,hopefully more to come soon, i will ask Craig to advertise in due time, cheers!JC

  6. ya, great vid as an 'American' it is sooo annoying to hear French overdubs just because it was filmed in France....what were they thinking?!? Didn't WE (I assume Andrew jumped the sticks into France 1945) save them!?!?!? How do you say 'shower' in French? Oh yes, DOUCHE!!!

  7. JoeLom...not wanting to lower the tone on a friendly thread,i will refrain from replying rudly, but as a Frenchman i find your comments quite out of place.This interview was filmed in France , originally for French tv, so just appreciate the fact that you get to see it...unless of course i have a total American sense of humour failure..

  8. je t'aime!!! haha!!! I was being PRO-Franc!!! since the video was filmed in FRANCE, the interview/piece was on FRENCH an AMERICAN, i would NEVER complain (aka BITCH, about the voice-overs!!)......The complaint about the 'voice-over' was what I responded to.....My county has enough problems ~SANS ~ Qu'est-ce que c'est "stupidity".....I Love that In Orange concert filmed at the Théâtre antique d'Orange...the USA equal of St Pete FL Tropicana Field?!?!?! I just MAKE-A-FUNNY!!!

  9. always a pleasure to see this sort of footage.

    I always regret to see a dubbed german or a spanish program because I can't speak the language so I understand that english-speaking persons may find it a shame, the french overdubs. But for me whom have grown up with 'Les Enfants du Rock', the simple fact to hear that recognisable special voice, whatever he would speak about, brings me straight back to that music progam around '85-87 and lots of great memories spring to my mind, so enjoy even that voice! But I understand your comment.

    We're never happy, are we? :)

  10. @JoeLom I'm not pissed off at the fact the dub is in French, but the fact the dude doing the voice is so annoying.

    Yeah, so the album is called Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me? Does that really require stupid kissing noises to sell that fact across even further?

  11. After a mind-numbing afternoon and evening of destructive storms and power outages and very cold and constant rain here in Tennessee yesterday, this was a delight to see this morning!

  12. I actually thought the kissing noises were kinda cute.

  13. Excellent footage. Thanks so much for posting and hello to my old friend "Jason Eaton"

  14. Here's a new video for Perfect Blue Sky from Junkie XL and Robert Smith

  15. Craig, off topic, but any update on the entreat vinyl for record store day????

  16. jL: Nothing. Either this is going to be a complete surprise to everyone (including those at WEA) or Sunrise Records had some false info. No one else has heard anything about it coming out for RSD, and everyone says it has either been canceled or delayed indefinitely.

  17. This is funny.

    "- Haven't we got a new record to put out soon?
    - We have?
    - I thought it was them.
    - No, I think it's us.
    - When is it supposed to be out?
    - I thought you were responsible for that.
    - i think it was just deleyed, wasn't it?
    - Is it recorded yet?
    - Who's band are you talking about, guys?
    - I think the artwork has to be printed or something.
    - I don't know. Anyone knows?
    - Who checks the date usually?
    - Don't worry, someone certainly takes care of it now.
    - Yeah, they know what they're doing. Want a coffe, Jim?"

  18. I remember there are more footage from Miraval, again for Les Enfants du Rock, maybe will it appear on youtube one day.