Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rumor: Cure South American tour

The Cure rumor mill continues to work overtime. This time it's a rumor of a full South American tour: "One of the most important bands of the English post-punk hits concerts in Brazil. The Cure arrives in late September / early October as part of a South American tour that also goes for Argentina, Chile and possibly more countries." (Thanks Fabinho)
Read the full article at Area VIP (English translation).

My now standard disclaimer for these rumors - As of today, the only officially confirmed Cure show in 2011 is Bestival. You want to make sure you see them this year? Get to Bestival. Until Robert says otherwise, that is the only Cure show for this year.


  1. Where there's smoke there's fire...things seem to be heating up!

  2. Yeah I know its annoying to write up these rumours only to debunk them later on, but its damn exciting that there are even rumours. Just silence this time last year.

    I still expect a full, world tour next year.

  3. To further your disclaimer, Craig.

    ***Note, rumors about the Cure have been proven in studies to cause hysteria, mood swings, dizzyness, episodes of unfounded speculation, sweaty hands and feet, Musical Ear Syndrome, Exploding Head Syndrome, and carpal tunnel caused by blog posting. Consult your physician before seeking the Cure.***

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  5. Robert PLEASE just say SOMETHING!

    btw I still have a couple of "ROBERT SMITH IS MISSING” shirts - haha seems WAY appropriate now! ;)

  6. I am afraid our world tours are over, I thank The Cure for the 30 plus years they have given us, but I think the 4Tour was the last of the major gigs, These men have families and are deserving of a break, if they give us more shows, that would be awesome, but if not, I thank them and wish them the best

  7. no no no, E N T R E A T, I want them live every night in my bedroom! :)

  8. ★In Brazil last minute news about the world Cure is here: