Monday, March 28, 2011

Rumor: Cure in Germany this Autumn?

Update (03/28/11): False. Wilco contacted concert organizer Norbert Döpp, and he says that while there will be another tour, it won't be this year: "Da ist leider nichts dran. Diese Schreiberlinge vertreten einem das Wort im Munde. Es wird eine CureTour geben, aber sicher nicht in diesem Jahr. Sobald ich was höre, bist Du der erste der davon erfährt." (Thanks Wilco)

Original story (03/25/11): Interesting comment in the online version of German magazine Zitty. While talking about the concert industry in Berlin, the organizer of Cure concerts in Germany says that The Cure will play there this Autumn, and talks a bit about the root canal Robert had to have before the 2008 Velodrom show. Here's a rough English translation of that part:

"What really helps are growing contacts, says Döpp.
Close friendships. For example, with Robert Smith, the lead singer of The Cure. That would never happen here without Döpp as partners. Especially not since the thing with the molar tooth: pre-concert at the Velodrome last Cure tour Smith was plagued by terrible pain, Döpp brought him to his dentist who proceeded to perform root canal treatment. Something welded together. In the fall The Cure will return to Germany. Döpp has already received an email."

Again, as of today, the only officially confirmed Cure show in 2011 is Bestival. You want to make sure you see them this year? Get to Bestival. Until Robert says otherwise, that is the only Cure show for this year. But let's hope we get some very good news from RS soon. (Thanks Boris)


  1. sounds too good to be true (as I live in Berlin). I'll believe it when I have the tickets in my hands ;-)

  2. Fingers and toes crossed for you, epis, and for all of the great German fans. : )

  3. Maybe Robert just needs another dentist treatment ;-)

  4. Any news of a show is good news... Well, when confirmed!

  5. Do you think they could add a few Canadian dates to that German tour? Please!!!!!

  6. Why? Are the Canadian dentists good?

  7. We are visiting family in ireland this fall ... we had planned a trip to Berlin anyway. PDX to Amsterdam to Berlin maybe?

  8. nice story. I would travel to Berlin but definately not to Bestival...

  9. @ Ronan - There's a rumour that The Cure are playing Marlay Park in Dublin on 4th August.

    I heard from a friend in the media, that an offer has been confirmation if its gonna happen yet though.

  10. Hey Keith,

    Did you see them at Wittness in 1994? What did you think?

    I'd love to see them back in Ireland but I can't get there in August, even if (and I doubt it's true) it's true.

    My first ever concert was The Cure in RDS Simmonscourt in '89. Fun days.

    Thanks for the news/rumour.