Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rumor: Cure in Chile this October

Here we go again...so this time it's a Chilean newspaper (English translation) claiming that possibly, maybe, they think The Cure are playing in Chile the 3rd week of October, but they're not quite sure because it's all top secret.
I don't mean to sound so negative about it. After all, this one is more plausible than some of the other rumored shows, given Robert's tease of "(HOWEVER, IF YOU LIVE IN SOUTH AMERICA, YOU MIGHT CONSIDER WAITING A WHILE BEFORE BOOKING YOUR TICKET... YOU NEVER KNOW... )", but I'll repeat what I said for that false Germany rumor. As of today, the only officially confirmed Cure show in 2011 is Bestival. You want to make sure you see them this year? Get to Bestival. Until Robert says otherwise, that is the only Cure show for this year.
Still, good luck to the South American fans. Hope this gets confirmed for you. (Thanks Raul)


  1. A certain someone needs to come out of hibernation and set a few things straight, methinks..
    What's his name again?! :p

  2. I agree!

    If Only Robert wouldn’t keep us in the dark.

  3. The Cure in Brazil?!