Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cure in 80s documentary

"The french-german tv channel arte will be showing a documentary called "welcome to the 80's - gothic, industrial & metalbeat" on tuesday night (25.08.) at 10:55 pm. The show's homepage lists the cure, joy division, siouxsie & the banshees, killing joke, bauhaus, jesus & mary chain and other bands CoF-readers might be interested in. It will be repeated on satruday (29.08.) at 03:00 am and on thursday (03.09.) at 06:05 pm. More info here (German) and here (French)" (Thanks Yawns)


  1. "Welcome to the Eighties"

    22.40 La scène gothique, métal et indus

    23:35 House music et acid-parties

  2. And it may be until the next 80's - 2080 - before we see the dark album.

  3. i predict that in typical cure fashion the "dark" album will be every bit as dark as WMS was acoustic... or "The Cure" was the heaviest record ever... or the many other goals that Robert likes to set... point is... each project/album takes on a life of its own... and becomes what it is... take for instance the instrumental album that became lost wishes... things change and the new project takes shape... i'd be happy with the rest of the remasters in the short term though :)

  4. yeah zap but the new album has already been recorded and was ready to be pressed but disagreement with the label changed the plans at the last minute.

    by the way, screw the 80's! why is every decade seem to be defined by pop culture? when really a lot of other stuff when on during that decade that only people who actually LIVED in that time will know! the cure are timeless not a stupid "80's band" unlike most popular shit released in that decade.