Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reminder: Lol and Michael update

Update: "Um so another slight delay with our new album! BUT not completely. See the "Blue Star" CD is available NOW from our online web store. You buy it today it will ship tomorrow. Autographed by Cindy and myself too. But no downloads off Itunes etc for a few weeks yet but its coming. We have (as is always the case) been approached by another record label at the last moment so some negotiations have to take place before we can have digital downloads.....anyway the Cd is much nicer and in a full color cover too!" (Thanks Lol)

Original post: "Levinhurst's Blue Star out June 9th. So a slight delay in the album release for "Blue Star" our third album featuring my old friend Michael Dempsey. Not May 28th but now June 9th. You can wait a couple more weeks I hope! All the pre-orders btw will ship out a few days sooner than June 9th. It'll be on itunes shortly after that."
And check out their new video for Sargasso.


  1. Nice

    Is it Michael on the guitar

    I like the smokey stuff

  2. Holy shit! I have SORROW from their first album and never knew that Lol was a part of that band.

    He was always a part of that band, right?

    How long has he been with LEVINHURST anyway?

  3. Yeah it's him on bass
    but you don't see them both at the same time

  4. ehm.


    well maybe this can help :)

    Lol tolHURST and his wife Cindy LEVINson

    maybe they need a new name, like


    or better


    and then they can do moz covers!


  5. LEVINDEMPHURST? Nearly wet myself!! Love it!!!

  6. My gf and I were trying to put Dempsey's name in there too when we saw them perform a few months ago. I think we decided "Levinhurstempsey" was our favorite. Our cd came in on Saturday too!

  7. I think the only fair way to rename the band would be to incorporate in their new title all of the letters from each of their surnames.
    Therefore I propose that the band now be known as...