Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Official site updates

Interscope/Geffen/A&M has updated the official site with info on the NME tribute cd, a reminder to get Big Gig tickets, and an offer to get tickets to the NME awards.


  1. off topic question: how good are the Shecter guitares? i mean i guess they are good at some level and i know pretty much nothing about guitares but based from what i've heared from the cure they can't be compared with Gibson or Fender which are some of the big trademarks that they have used. But is are Shecter Guitarres really really good? or just plain good, and if they are not really really good, how come they keep using them? is it because they have a deal with Shecter to use them and they get paid?? this topic has been bothering me for a couple of months. i'd appreciate an answer:)

  2. Hey Carlos-from what i've heard they are pretty good guitars. I'm sure they aren't as good as Fender and Gibson but my take is that they are still pretty good. My mom actually works in a music store and sells Schecter guitars so if you have any specific questions, email me and i'd be glad to ask her. Otherwise, i'm assuming that the Cure get paid somehow to advertise. I've got the schecter guitar book my mom brought home for me from the store. It's got a page on Porl and a page on Robert and the type of guitars that they use. My mom actually has their specific guitar styles at the store too!

  3. Shecter guitars are pretty good.... they haven't been around as long as fender and gibson so of course they aren't going to have a title as great as fender and gibson.... a lot of metal guitarists use shecter and also some great guitarists have used/use them such as Matt Bellamy of MUSE, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold, Eddie Vedder, and Pete Townshend.... for more info and a bigger list of people who use these guitars go here:

    also, if these guitars weren't good these guitarists wouldn't choose to use them. I think Shecter is a pretty good brand.

  4. Schecter guitars are very good guitars, I own the Ultracure, Robert Smith model, and it has much more sustain than my Fender, each guitar that I own has it's unique sound, so to say Gibson or Fender are better isn't really true, they are simply more known since they have been around forever. Prince who is one of the greatest guitarists around, plays Schecter.

  5. hi all,
    all guitar manufacturers make their instruments for a very wide range of customers. some are better (and more expensive), some are cheaper and look almost like toys not proper guitars.
    i repair guitars so from my point of view i would say schecters are really good. i had one custom schecter guitar last month - it was about 10-15 years old guitar and a neck was great - really nice guitar to play. all in tune, etc.
    some cheap gibsons and asian fenders are nothing compared to this guitar. i also worked on a few other schecters before - current models are very good, buy not great tough. i presume that signature models are built with much better quality. also hardware is different (as it is a custom hardware).
    schecter guitars are not that famous like gibson or fender, but they are good (btw. they are very popular for heavy sound and metal guitarists)

  6. Great points! Especially the point since Schecter hasn't been around as long as fender and gibson we can't assume they aren't as good. I'm sure, musicians would not use them if they didn't like them! I realize that i had the same stereotype about fender and gibson because people rave about them, but it's just they're more widely known.

  7. wow, those were pretty good responses, its all clear now :) thanks a lot to everyone. cheers