Friday, February 13, 2009

Head on the Door vinyl

From the Ideal Copy newsletter: "The Cure - Head On The Door (INTL LP) (February 17th) Vinyl LP repressing of this classic 1985 album from Robert Smith and the boys pressed on 180gm vinyl. This is direct from Universal Records in Europe and the most legitimate vinyl reissue from the band at the moment. We already got one copy in and it's highly recommended. More copies on the way next week."


  1. remaster something you haven't done already!

    *shakes fist*

  2. "The most legitimate vinyl reissue from the band at the moment."

    I love this statement, especially since the other vinyl reissues have been transfers of the CD to vinyl. The whole reason the backcatalog has been remastered is because you need to master differently for CD and Vinyl. If you master for one, and then transfer to the other. You get poor results. There are plenty of fantastic condition original issue copies of Head on the Door out there on the market (ebay).

    I'd be very skeptical of any of these reissues, given the track record so far.

  3. I agree. My 1985 issue of Head on the Door sounds great, and I paid less than $5 for it. I see no reason to have a new one. Same for the lp issues of the albums that I have. And for the ones that I don't......well, I'd rather have old ones of those as well.

    If they're not going to do it right, why bother with these nice 180gram reissues?

  4. The original Elektra THOTD is paper thin vinyl. Perhaps the original Fiction version is sturdier and that's what is being referred to. (I do have the VAP edition and that's pretty thick vinyl as well.) Vinyl reissues are not for everyone, all I'm saying is that this new THOTD reissues is highly recommended to those who are considering it.

    And this particular release has been remastered for vinyl - it's part of a series from Universal where they are remastering for vinyl and not CD. (Well, that's what they are saying anyway)