Monday, February 9, 2009

More tickets available for the NME awards

Ok. I got my standing tickets here. The standing have gone, but still seated ones left. The site is part of See Tickets. You can also call to order, you don't have to order online. They are billed as Franz Ferdinand, but are the Award Show tickets (call and check if you need re-assurance)." (Thanks Jubline)


  1. Thank you so much have just got seating tickets . Did'nt think I would be able to get any .Why is it under FF name though ? why not just NME awards ? OR THE CURE ??!!!! Thanks again . Jon

  2. `By the way is anyone going for a beer before hand ? I know some people are going to the Beehive...

  3. Sorry me again , in terms of beer... i forgot to respond to someone about the beehive pub in Brixton , its ok ( cheap beer ) but not terribly good ( its a chain pub so bright lights ( bad for cure fans ;0) ) , not the best). There are better pubs in area to drink beer

  4. Have rung a mate who lives nearby and he says The Effra Hall Tavern is a better bet , proper pub rather than a chain ( though beer is a bit more ) , you can google map it with the post code ( zip code ) on SW2 1EB ... its about 0.2 miles from the brixton tube so its nearby . Jubline , if you go to the Effra will defo buy you a pint. Cant believe seeing the cure two nights in a row . Yesterday i was sad as didn't have tickets to either... sorry , am waffleing..