Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update on 4Singles sales in the US

Here are the latest (as of Jan. 16th) official Soundscan numbers for the 4Singles:

The Only One - total so far: 9,130 / last week: 54 sold
Freakshow - total so far: 8,890 / last week: 84 sold
Sleep When I'm Dead - total so far: 7,408 / last week: 37 sold
The Perfect Boy - total so far: 6,214 / last week: 55 sold
(Thanks Peter)


  1. Is that low? It seems so. I bought 2 of each, too.

  2. Funny how Freakshow sold the most this last week (yea go underdog Freakshow!)
    It's a awesome song, but one that caused the most division among fans, on the singles side of things.
    Maybe some are catching up to it's lovely upbeat quirkiness?
    Ya, well, I'll stay a dreamer thank you.

  3. Does that include digital downloads?

  4. Are these numbers the actuals, or are they to be multiplied? :)

  5. Those are terrible numbers!

  6. random comment

    i got the dvd of that rockaround the clock vid , from glasgow in 84 today ,, it says its a bbc dvd, but just called the cure in glasgow? is this an official release anyone know?

  7. Yes, the Soundscan numbers include Digital Downloads.

  8. the album 40.000in us ,only?????

  9. in Europe the album have sold, lack the sales in us(40.000?),in total the esteem say 250,000.