Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Cure tattoos

See the new ink for Michael H., Remi, Oscar and Carlos.


  1. Holy moly! These are all very beautiful. But, being needle-phobic, I always cringe thinking of the experience. Kudos to all of you!

  2. i am in awe, all of them are rather large tattoos too.

    very nice classic BDC, love the whole wish arm, and I see someone did Porl's little monster - i believe that's the first cure4tour tattoo i've seen? from the edge of the green sea was very creative, very colourful, totally caught me off guard!

  3. I've been planning my Cure tattoo for...let's see....for too long now! I cannot make up my mind! I've always just wanted either a lyric (how to choose?!) or one of Porl's creations.

    I love the color palates that Carlos chose though, very nice!

  4. Hi peeps... Finally i´d made it. My tattoos are where people can really appreciate. Thanks Craig.

  5. cool tatoos from Carlos (the other Carlos. they are all good