Monday, January 19, 2009

Rumor: Cure to play Werchter?

"I was just on Curefans today, and in the top right corner there was a link to this thread about a rumor that The Cure will be playing the Werchter festival this year." (Thanks Emily)

Note: Please understand that this is only a rumor, which started here. No official announcement (either way) has been made. DO NOT buy tickets yet! : )


  1. No problem Craig (i'm Emily lol)

    I just wasn't sure how often you folks here check Curefans or the other Cure forums. I was suprised I hadn't seen anything about it anywhere else, seeing as the Cure's name is on the page for Werchter!

    Hopefully it's not a rumor, it would mean yet another show I can get excited for other people for :P

  2. err, I mean the Cure's name is on the site with a bunch of other names, lol.

  3. Just to be clear, The Cure are NOT listed on the official Werchter festival site, but on a website that is listing numerous bands as rumored to be playing. This happens every year, and most turn out to be false.

    But let's hope it's true.

  4. *crossing fingers*

    this would be cool.