Monday, May 12, 2014

Perry on Polaroid Kiss' 'Walk The Room' 2

After a number of delays, it looks like the Polaroid Kiss album, 'Weakness of the Beautiful Souls', will be released by Rough Trade Records this year. Before that, 'Pay Your Dues' will be released as a single on June 17th, and one of the b-sides will be 'Walk the Room' 2, which features "additional guitar by Perry Bamonte" and vocals from Steve Kilbey of The Church. (Thanks ml68)

Also on Soundcloud.

Update (05/12/14): I asked Polaroid Kiss about other tracks Perry plays on, and here's the reply - "Perry appears on 3 album tracks. No other B-Sides. PS. Perry Bamonte recorded all of his contributions in Bath, UK with Paul Corkett co-producer of the 'Cure' album 'Bloodflowers'."

"Perry Bamonte also features in 'Pay Your Dues', in particular the guitar solo during the outro."