Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Classic Album Sundays - 'Disintegration'

From Classic Album Sundays:

Robert Smith tried on several occasions to ‘break up the band’ but one can surmise he was quite serious this time around as the name of their eighth album attests. Somehow in the face of much adversity and despite their record label calling their double platter effort ‘commercial suicide’, ‘Disintegration’ remains their best-selling album to this day.

Join us to first listen to music that either inspired or was relevant to this LP such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins and Joy Division followed by the story of the album. Then the lights go down, the volume goes up and we play the album from beginning to end on vinyl on our audiophile hi-fi. Listening guidelines apply. And fear not, as it is a double album, we will be taking an intermission between Sides B & C!

Sunday, 8 June, 5 to 8 pm
The Hanbury Arms, 33 Linton Street, London N1 7DU
Tickets: £10 on the door and £8 + service charge here
Presenter: Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy

New York City
Sunday, June 8th, 4 – 7:30 pm
Baby’s All Right, 146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tickets: $10 on the door and $10 + service charge here
Presenter: Ron Like Hell
(Thanks @maccatori)


  1. Is it their best selling album?

    I thought that honour fell to Wish? I distinctly recall RS saying that WMS was the first ever Cure album to sell less than the one before it.

    1. The operative phrase here is 'RS saying.'

    2. Disintegration is their best selling album. At least in the US (though I'm pretty sure that goes for the rest of the world as well). It's double platinum. Wish is just platinum.

      I think what Robert meant was first week sales. Each had sold more in its first week than the last one, until WMS.

    3. A remastered WISH would help bring it closer to Disintegration. :(

  2. Hey, off-topic, but does anyone know how to buy a CD of Presence's Inside (2011 Rerelease w/ b-sides) and Presence's 2nd album Closer?

  3. They must be playing the deluxe edition. The 1989 release was definitely not a double album.

  4. well the vinyl release was missing 2 tracks... perhaps they are playing the cd version and calling it a double? kind of misleading... but that's what i gathered.

  5. Not a double album, at least when the double albums still existed...

  6. @ zap but it is written clearly in the text that they will play the vinyl (deluxe edition was released as a double vinyl)

  7. and when they did that... they released the double vinyl with the CD tracklist.. restoring the 2 previously omitted tracks (from the single vinyl) http://www.amazon.com/Disintegration-Deluxe-Edition-Gram-Vinyl/dp/B0031Y4ALC