Saturday, June 8, 2013

'In Orange' on YouTube again

As Slicing Up Eyeballs pointed out a couple of days ago, someone has once again uploaded the complete version of 'The Cure In Orange' to YouTube. Now if only Robert and Tim would just "upload" it to DVD & Blu-ray. :)


  1. Great. I'll watch soon. I lost my VHS copy and have eagerly awaited the DVD for years now. Thanks, Craig.

  2. I just digitalized it from LaserDisc to DVD some years ago, for personal use only. I have it with very very good quality so I have not to wait for Robert. The same i did with Staring, Picture Show, Play Out & Show :)

  3. Trilogy is also on youtube. Robert may have dealt with them ...

  4. BTW. There is an incomplete version of the 2008 Roma showcase for 4:13 Dream on DVD and Blu-Ray. Not official release but not ilegal i'm guessing since I bought it at a local record shop (legally)

  5. At this point they need to release it to the new "Blu-Ray Mastered to 4K" format.

  6. Well done to The Cure for removing that. Buy it second-hand or wait for a new release. You get what the artist wants you to have, WHEN the artists decides to release it. And you have to PAY FOR IT. You are owed nothing. You are entitled to nothing. Would you go to work everyday and type your lines of fucking code for free? No you wouldn't.

    1. Laying it on a bit thick there, aren't you? I think it's safe to say we'll buy the dvd when it comes out.