Thursday, June 6, 2013

Help with this photo? Mystery solved!

Anyone know who took this photo of Robert and Mark Gardener? Eric wants to include it in the 'Beautiful Noise' documentary. If you know the photographer, please let us know. Thanks!

Update: From @ian_read - "it was in either NME or Melody Maker (think it was June 1991?) for The Pixies Garden Party, sorry, but not sure who took it." Anyone have that issue and can look it up?

Update: The info has been found in Japan! "The article was from an old Japanese music magazine called "Music Life". The article said that the photo was from the Pixies show on June 8th, 1991 at Crystal Palace in London. Ride performed as the opening act and RS visited them. And you can find the credit of the photographer at the bottom of the scan which says; pic:Martyn Goodacre/s.i.n./orion press " (Thanks Anonymous)


  1. Used and it found it at

    not sure if they have photo credit info. I'm not registered but can anyone else check?

    1. I think you mean Tineye, right? Tingle seems to be a dating site. :)

      Thanks for reminding me of Tineye! Completely forgot about that. Can't view it on Pink Dream, but it was sourced from Pictures of You, and I found it there -

      But no photographer credit.

  2. beautiful...Cure and Ride.

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  4. Mark Gardener has an internet site and a facebook account. Maybe he knows who took the picture. Or the magazine...

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  6. Ride were a fine band & saw them quite a few times as i lived in Oxford for 20 years.

    The event was the 'Great British Music Weekend' & The Cure headlined the Saturday with support from Ride, Jesus Jones, Wedding Present & a couple more bands.

  7. More info on that night:

    I really enjoyed my first live viewing of New Model Army. I also remember talking to Jonathan king in the lobby and he was bigging up the Cure

  8. Mark Gardner is still working hard, saw him supporting Robin Guthrie earlier this year ( ... I'm pretty sure that picture was at Crystal Palace

  9. I'm with you and Ian on this, definitely Crystal Palace..I unfortunately don't have that one but i would say NME 15/06/91.Dayna @ afoolisharrangement has it listed in her Publications Archives..I know it does not help with finding out the photographer's name.....

  10. the bit that said the pic was taken in jan 91 (not june 91) which has now been removed did allude to the fact that in was the great british music weekend. but since wembley is a concrete jungle and crystal palace is surrounded by trees did make me think something didn't add up - gutted to have missed that show.

  11. I went to one of the Guthrie / Gardner shows too was very good.