Saturday, March 30, 2013

Robert interview with O Globo

"Today's "O Globo" (English), the largest newspaper published in Rio de Janeiro, published an interview with RS:

No big news, especially for those who have already listened to the Paraguay radio interview. Among the topics (and this is a free translation from the Portuguese text, which obviously is a translation from the conversation had in English, so... beware of potential misunderstandings/inaccuracies):

- RS has not had the chance to watch Paolo Sorentino's film "This Must Be The Place", but says that he is honoured with having been an influence to the directors and also with Sean Penn's acting, although he (RS) believes that Sean Penn's character looks more like Wayne Hussey (The Mission).

- RS talks about the Cure's first trip to Brazil in March 1987, he recalls the weather being quite hot and that he was only able to have some alone time during that tour when he was on stage (laughs). He felt like a member of the Beatles. Mentions that everyone was very kind with the band and that it was a very good moment.

- RS also talks about the Cure's second trip to Brazil in January 1996. He remembers he was sick during the tour because of something he ate on the road from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. As the gentleman he always is, he says that he had already been sick before departing from the UK so the road food was not necessarily to blame.

- RS says he is not that afraid anymore with the thought of getting old. He tries to lead a calmer, more serene life nowadays, still goes to the pub of course but not drinking as much as in the old days.

- RS says that they may release a new album with songs recorded last year, but that they have not decided yet. He is not in a rush with anything and that is a great feeling of freedom. They tour nowadays for the pleasure of playing and being on stage, not for promoting any specific album.

- RS promises shows longer than 3 hours during this LatAm tour, they will play songs from every album - therefore not a "thematic concept" like the Reflections tour in 2011.

- RS talks again about his ambivalent feelings about the internet. He mentions that the Cure released "Five Swing Live" (1997) on the web only and that is a good thing about the internet. They never thought about suing fans for downloading their songs. On the other hand, RS needs his privacy and does not like sharing with others what he had for breakfast, how he is dressed at home, etc. He says that this may be a characteristic of his (older) generation. He "belongs to the public" when he is on stage or giving interviews, otherwise he leads a normal life that is private to him." (Thanks Marcos)

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