Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Johnny Indovina added to Mexico show

Most of you will know Johnny from his days in Human Drama, but those of us who grew up in New Orleans in the 80s know him from The Models, one of our best New Wave/Alternative bands. And of course his Models bandmate, Michael Ciravolo, is president of Schecter Guitars. Small world.

Update (03/26/13): Johnny posted this photo on Facebook. (Thanks @TheCureMexico)


  1. added him as in -to play with them-?? or as in opening act???

    1. Look at the ad he posted. He's doing an acoustic set.

    2. seems likely hes doing his acoustic set on his own, but you never know!? font reminds me of the bf/trilogy era...ahh the smell of fresher days :-)

  2. I bumped into him at the gig at the Palms casino. Check out human drama's the world inside album.