Friday, March 29, 2013

Lollapalooza 2013 rumor

Now that we're finished with the South American show rumors, I guess it's time for the North American ones to start. Here's the yearly claim that The Cure will be playing Lollapalooza in Chicago this August. And more here. (Thanks David)

Nothing to get excited about, and obviously just speculation, so we'll wait and see if there's anything to it. Also, the image posted on those websites, which seems to be the only reason The Cure are being mentioned, is 99% confirmed to be a fake.

Update (03/11/13): Okay, time to take this a bit more seriously. The Cure are now listed as "logical" at the Consequence of Sound Festival Outlook page, since it's the same weekend as Osheaga, and has been pointed out that the two festivals usually share many of the same bands.

Update (03/26/13): Rumors continue to be very strong on this, and it's moving towards being more of a surprise if they DON'T play Lolla, than if they do. All of the General Admission 3 day passes sold out today (VIP & Platinum passes still available), so only one day passes will be available when the official announcement is made on April 9th. Expect some lineup hints & clues leading up to that.

Update (03/28/13): Chicago Tribune confirms that the leaked poster is accurate. Confirm The Cure are playing Lollapalooza. Also says that the official announcement & single day ticket sales have been moved up to next week.

Update (03/29/13): Lollapalooza now confirms that the official announcement will be made on April 1st and single day tickets will go on sale April 3rd.


  1. Lollapaloza Brazil will be a week before the concerts here.

  2. Lollapaloza Brazil will be a week before the concerts here.

  3. I've never understood why their is always so much mystery around Cure shows. Every other band simply announces a date or tour and that's it.

    I think the problem is two-fold (1) RS has outright lied so many times about releases, tours, etc...people just don't know what to believe (2) the promoters know it's a big deal whenever The Cure play, so they let things leak or play around a bit.

    So are we ever getting a new Cure record? Looking very doubtful to me.

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    2. You forget to mention that The Cure is maybe the most wanted act on earth for festivals organizers and promoters. And what is just amazing is that they're not necessary the biggest name, not as big as Red Hot or U2, but everyone is this activity would kill to have a chance to get them. I can't explain exactly why as I love them more fan my life but I know lots of people in the music industry feel the same even if they're not huge fans. Mystery, integrity, charisma, cult? Probably a mix of all of this which generates... fascination when it's not love.

    3. It's the "tantalizing enigma...of The Cure"!

    4. Could be as simple as the promoters, who are probably from most our generation, being fans :-)

  4. Chicago is my hometown...what a great reason to go back for a visit! Fingers crossed!

  5. Lolla will be officially announced the second week of April

  6. If they announce Chicago that's doable for me.

  7. as for lollapalooza being "logical" cos' COS posted that.....big LOL's!!!
    all COS does is take other rumours from the internet and post links.

    the cure rumours haven't been a huge secret and COS just regurgitates other news from the web.

    plus, lolla and osheaga usually share about 75% of their line ups every year.

  8. Hello, this is Breathe.Thanks.

  9. Anyone know what day the cure will play ?

  10. The Lollapalooza web site confirms those dates (lineup by day announcement on 4/1, single day passes available on 4/3 at 10:00 AM CDT).

  11. Hard Truths About The Cure:

    1. There will never be another studio record. It's been almost 5 years, and RS can't even get a single out.

    2. There will never be another Cure 'tour' as in the ones similar to 2008, 2004, etc where the band toured the world and played many dates.

    3. The Cure will play short, regional tours e.g. South American (see them now SA because they will never be back again). And The Cure will play festivals. Why? Money. They get paid a lot to play to a lot of people. It isn't worth doing long tours anymore. Plus RS is no spring chicken.

    4. There will not be full album shows for The Top, Head, KMKMKM etc... It took RS 9 years between the last trilogy and Reflections. Not going to happen.

    5. All of the promised releases (Wish remaster, Reflections BluRay, etc) will take forever and a day to get released. If ever. Maybe Someday. lol.

    6. The Cure will sail gracefully into the night with this line up. There will not be anymore changes.

    7. The Cure will continue on the current path of short regional tours and festivals for a few more years and then retire. Possibly with a farewell event.

    8. My advice - see The Cure while you can, when you can, where you can because it's not going to last forever.

    1. 1. Many bands started recording after long impasses. And he has stated many times that he has material for new things.
      Also, if he doesn't feel like releasing something, why should him do it? Is it really a bad thing?

      2. Ok, so? The boys are 50+ and they don't need that. Also, that is normally for supporting new releases. Maybe after a new record?

      3. Money? Or just a simpler way to get gigs? C'mon they probabably don't need the money.

      4. Full album shows are not the standard for any kind of band.

      5. Are the remasters such an important thing? Also they're not new creations. If you need something new, you go for a younger band.

      6. That's great. Friends that play together when they feel like playing.

      7. It's 3 again

      8. Ok! It's always good seing them, and Robert used to always say "this is the last record and tour" so...

      I mean, i don't even think you are far from the truth, but it's just you make that stuff sound so harsh!
      Isn't "See them while you can" good for any band, not only for The Cure?
      Isn't the reality that most old bands stop releasing new material, or they do it with very long impasses, they don't even include much of the materials on the new tours, and some of their new records are really far away from what made you like them?