Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jared Leto wants to work with Robert

From Gigwise: "Asked by the magazine (Rolling Stone) who he'd most like to work with, Leto answered: "I'd love to do something with Eminem. That would be pretty mind-blowing." He also said that he would love to collaborate with Bjork, The Cure's Robert Smith and Sigur Ros." (Thanks @john_malloy)


  1. oh god please NO. Robert has done enough doubious collaborations alrady. i'm gonna die of embarassment if he works with this idiot.

  2. I just vomited in my mouth when I saw Robert's name in the same sentence as M&M's...

  3. totally agree. make a new record. don´t waste your time with these more or less stupid collaborations!

  4. Just because Jared wants to work with Robert, doesn't mean Robert wants to, or will, work with him. Nothing to "worry" about...yet. : )

  5. Jared wants to work with Robert. Who doesn't!?!

  6. Well, Jared did the best remix of the last batch of Cure singles.
    They were both singing on it.

    BTW, I seize the opportunity to spot a naughty Curespotting:

    I'm pretty sure that Earl Slick & R.Smith's song "Believe",
    is inspired by french song "Saudade" of Etienne Daho.
    The harmony's just the same:
    - Same chord progression with a quite particular modulation (let's say mixolydian/dorian)
    - Even Robert sings more or less the same as the original piano riff that was driving that modulation.

    The original is really a little gem of a song and while I was strumming those chords I just kept hearing Earl Slick's guitar licks in the back and that's how I found out. Very funny.

    So now I actually understand a bit better why they thought of releasing "Believe" as a single (because "Saudade" was a very successful one)
    and maybe why later they tried to make it work better by doing another version with the Canadian girl adding french lyrics to it.