Monday, September 12, 2011

Roger on Radio Devon tonight

Roger O Donnell BBC Radio Devon 12.09.2011 by Thecurerarities

Roger was once again on the Late Show with Vic Morgan on BBC Radio Devon. Missed it? Listen on the BBC iPlayer (at 1:15:10) or SoundCloud. (Thanks Exploding Cure/TheCureRarities)

Roger on future Cure events - "lots of people are going to be very very happy before very long." : )

Update 2: And here's a Swedish interview from Kulturbloggen (English translation).

And I'm sure Roger won't mind if I throw in a plug for our friend Matthew North and his band Secrets for September. They are playing Oct. 1st in London and you can get tickets here.


  1. i won't be home! the BBC stuff always shows up online right?

  2. Yeah, it goes up just after it airs.

  3. anyone else find it funny that porl just happens to be blurry in the picture here?

  4. actually.. why IS he blurry? the original picture he's not (

    interesting, interesting, hahah

  5. Someone pointed that out around the time of Reflections, looking for clues about his status. Guess they'll need to take some new promotional pictures soon. : )

  6. it really just looks like someone went on photoshop and unfocused him. so strange! i don't know if it was always like that or it changed. who would take the time to do that though, when the website is almost never updated?

  7. Well that's sort of an update, isn't it? : ) I don't know. Maybe it was left as a subtle clue about the status of the band during the "flux".

  8. i went on in the first place curious if by some chance there was a post-bestival news update, but of course not. anyway, i was just remembering how there were rumors (/confirmation from you?) that the cure wasn't on geffen/interscope/etc. anymore. and that was a while ago. i wish we knew more about these things. especially since (hopefully) a new album is (kind of) in the works.

  9. That's another good thing about Roger coming back. Maybe Robert will turn the official site over to him again and we might actually get some content again like in the old days, before the corporate takeover.

  10. haha i can just picture robert sitting at a computer like, finishing up the flux post, and then photoshopping porl into blurriness. makes me laugh thinking about it.

  11. craig that would be fantastic. i'm so sick of that website i can't even explain. and unluckily for me, i wasn't a cure fan until '04, so i've been stuck with that site the whole time.

  12. Hahaha...Robert using photoshop? Probably one of the nieces or nephews. : )

    Lindsey I am so sorry you've only known the Geffen site. It used to be so much nicer and more personal. Still not updated that much, but when it was, it was always special and something good. But we all still complained about it. : )

  13. alright, i'm out for a little while, hope to hear the roger interview when i'm back :)

  14. Hi Craig, do you think Robert and the band "avoid talking about reworking the dark album" because the line-up has changed ?? Or because they're not satisfied with it ??
    I thought that was really weird and intriguing.
    Moreover I'm glad Robert is more silent and takes his time because I think the weird fan reactions aren't really constructive, especially the official forum chaos leading up to the 2008 album and people begging to get the album out as quick as possible.
    Robert's at his best being a perfectionist and taking his time is he.
    The cure seemed in great shape at this Bestival concert !!!!


  16. great interview! very excited for those guys.

  17. Ooo.. More pearls of wisdom from Roger!!

    No spoilers please, I shall look forward to listening to this when I get back from college..
    Isn't it funny thinking back to the last few interviews that have been done, even though he wasn't actively in the group per se.. He was quite happy to promote the group.

    I was thinking exactly the same thing too.. The first thing Roger should do is hijack the official site and restore it to its former glory..
    I remember the days at the WMS era house!! Writing messages on the bathroom wall.. :p

  18. he was so happy sounding in that interview :) a good listen

  19. Ha! I was just thinking back, does anyone remember the cure "house"? It was their first attempt at a website. Actually, I quite wish I had Robert's recipe's!

  20. Ha! I need to read more carefully! Thanks NB! Obviously I remember it! Ah yes, the bathroom wall. I remember them promoting it when they were on some radio show in the states. I may still have that on tape somewhere! Where they talked about Johnny Button and taking his picture and his sould disappeared! I guess I am showing my age now and I am part of the "middle" fanbase!

  21. Did someone ask for the old recipes? : )

    Robert's Recipes from the old Cure House Page

    we've got some recipes in our kitchen... here's one of them now:

    elderflower champagne

    this is something that sent me into raptures when i was little!
    and it still does...

    you need:

    1 and a half pounds (about 750g) loaf/white sugar
    1 gallon (4 and a half litres) cold water
    1 lemon
    4 large fresh (or dried) elderflower heads (i can take no responsibility if any other flower is used!)
    2 tablespoons white vinegar

    warm a bit of the water and dissolve the sugar in it
    let it cool
    squeeze the juice from the lemon
    discard the pith, and slice the peel
    put the lemon juice and the peel and the elderflower heads and the sugar water and the vinegar into a big bowl or a (clean!) bucket and add the remaining water

    leave it for 4 days
    strain it and bottle it (in airtight bottles)

    leave it for another 6 to 10 days (yes i know, it's too long, we're too thirsty etc etc) but when it's ready i hope you'll think it was worth the wait!

    ps. drink it all in one go in the sun with a friend! and when you wake up... just make some more!!!
    pps. best if you start batch 2 the day after you start batch 1, that way you won't have to wait too long in between... although following this logic, you are obviously going to need a lot of buckets...


    come back tomorrow for another treat!

  22. mrs smith's salad cream

    in summer when i was young, there would always be a big bowl of this in the fridge, and it made even the limpest yum! but as with many things that i try to recreate or relive, it's never really as good as i remember... or maybe this is just one of those things that only mums can do? (and as with any 'handed down' recipes, the measurements and methods are pretty vague!)
    but try it!!!

    mix together in a heatproof bowl:
    2 teaspoons dry colman's mustard powder
    1 teaspoon salt
    2 teaspoons cornflour
    1 tablespoon white sugar
    half a cup of milk

    then add:
    2 beaten eggs
    and then half a cup of vinegar

    mix it all up...

    put this mixture (still in it's bowl) into a pan a quarter full of boiling water and stir it with a wooden spoon until it's thick

    danger - don't let the mixture itself boil!!!

    take the bowl out of the pan, let it cool, then put it in the fridge

    and when the sun shines, pour it over anything you want!


  23. chinese robert's prawn curry
    (serves 2)


    2 tablespoons hot curry powder
    2 teaspoons mixed ginger/lemon grass/nutmeg/cinnamon/pepper
    1 tablespoon cornflour
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    1 medium onion, peeled and chopped
    2 carrots
    a handful of (frozen) peas
    several mushrooms... hmmm...
    many tiger prawns!!!
    the juice of half a lemon
    1 big splaaash of orange juice
    and a small splosh of... tomato ketchup!

    1. mix the curry powder and the spices together with a bit of water to make a runny paste. let it stand!

    2. mix the cornflour with about 2 tablespoons of water, stirring it over a low heat. don't let it go too lumpy! as it thickens, add more water: get it to the consistency of... ummm... careful... chinese curry?

    3. heat the oil in a frying pan or a wok, but don't let it burn. stir-fry the onion until it's a good(?) colour, then add the runny curry paste and stir it around some more.

    4. add the carrots, peas and mushrooms, and cook for another couple of minutes.

    5. add the prawns and the lemon juice and the orange juice and, most importantly! the t.c. cook for about another minute.

    6. add the cornflour, stir, heat through, and serve (serving suggestion alert!) inside a ring of fluffy white rice?


  24. I posted a bunch of old Cure website stuff last year. Look here.

  25. oh gosh are those lowercase letters i see?

  26. I'm betting Mary typed them up for him. : )

  27. Yes!!! Thank you Craig! It was the prawn curry that I really wanted!

  28. It would have been funny if Robert picked Sean Penn to play him! I jest, I jest!

  29. Hahaha...if he had only known what was to come! : )

  30. i love roger but i dont like tha sound of the cure i m not very happy whit tha :( porl is essential for the cure :)

  31. Good interview with an uplifting vibe to it. I'm very glad Roger is back in the band, I'll miss Porl but to me Roger is more of a key piece to the band than Porl. However there are many Cure songs that need a second guitarist. Think of the many songs that Robert plays is six string bass during. Where would they be without a guitar during those?

  32. I disagree, I think this lineup has alot of potential..

    Two guitars, bass and drums was alot more limiting in terms of instrumentation whereas now we have a bit of everything again..

  33. Actually, let me rephrase my comment.. A particular lineup of instruments suits a certain style of music.
    Obviously from a live point of view, FTEOTDGS, which is quite guitar heavy is not going to sound quite right as a four piece as obviously the piece was written with the Wish Lineup in mind.
    Whereas a classic example of someting that did work a Bestival was The Caterpillar as a similar instrumentation was used (Yes I was a music student once upon a time.. :p)

    So obviously whatever the group comes up with next will have that lineup in mind..

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  35. Speaking of cure websites...I loved the Cure house from the WMS days. My all time favorite.

  36. i cant stream stuff at work...
    notherbob has already listened or should have... how about them spoilers or a transcript now :)

  37. I'm gonna try those recipes! Just laughing myself out while reading this...It's so cute of Robert! :)

  38. Phew! It's been a very long day..
    About to listen now.. :p

  39. "made even the limpest yum"
    i use this is conversation regularly.
    and i scanned the pages of the cure house that i printed out at my tumblr a while back!
    but follow craig's link. and i also think it can still be found on the wayback machine.
    there were also cure house t-shirts...i still have mine. anyone else?

    can we get a transcript up? my computer is fudging for some reason :\

  40. I can understand having Roger back, but not having Porl to have an extra, talented guitarist is idiotic. I'm really upset about this, especially since "Underneath the Stars" was the best thing since "Want" on "Wild Mood Swings".

  41. @ Muldfield. Yes its a bummer they don't have the 5 piece these days, but there may be other factors at play preventing them from doing so.

    I would be very interested to hear a one guitar with keys arrangement of "Underneath The Stars" - I think it could sound epic if the right sounds were used.

    I hope Robert gives Roger a bit of freedom to use whatever technology is at his disposal - both live and in the studio, because that could/would make things very interesting. "Hungry Ghost" from Bestival sounded pretty cool, and I am very interested to see how "Open" sounded also. Some of the guitar heavy songs could easily translate to keys, just like Porl was able to bring certain keys sounds/riffs to guitar.

    You could really sense Roger's excitement in this interview, and I think, moving forward, this can only be a good thing for the band.

  42. what Roger says about cure's future is very encoraging.
    I'd prefer not Porl but Perry but If I had to choose of course this sound much better than the 2005-2009.
    I don't want to have a fight or whatever about Robert's appearence cos I don't care if he's fat or not but I am worry about his health cos he looks worse than during the 4 tour and a few months ago when they played Reflections he was much thinner than a few years ago and look much younger.
    was that in May?I hope he's ok cos it's not normal.