Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From the CoF archives

Update: Here are 5 videos that were originally posted on the official site back in July/Aug. 2001. The Cure in the studio working on the bonus and acoustic tracks for Greatest Hits (plus the return of Boris!) - Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5. Thanks to Silvio for the Day 1 clip.

Been going through some old CDs, and found a few things that I'll be uploading over the coming days. Here's a start:

Robert's comments from the old Greatest Hits microsite
1999 Christmas Card
Win Things (can't remember what this was for)
CureTown the teaser for the abandoned website
Cure movie cast listing for the bands suggestions on who should play them
Same Deep Water As You (MIDI)
Greatest Hits e-card sent out by Elektra (it's an .exe file, so please scan before opening. Came up clean for me.)
All of the tracks and photos from the old Greatest Hits microsite.
Robert's recipes from the old Cure House,
Robert's thoughts about the songs on Galore
Love Will Tear Us Apart page
Simon & Perry getting direction from Richard Anthony
Robert and Saffron recording Just Say Yes
Boys Don't Cry at the L.A. Forum (Aug. 11th, 1996)
Robert talks about bootlegs (date unknown)
Pornography live in Munich, Germany (Jan. 30th, 1984)
Mint Car on the Harald Schmidt Show (June 25th, 1996)
Robert tries to be heard in a club (Feb. 2000)
Robert interview at the Werchter Festival (July 2nd, 2000)
Recording Love Will Tear Us Apart in Brisbane (Oct. 2000)
Cut Here on TOTP Germany (Nov. 15th, 2001)
Robert interview on France 3 (July 25th, 2002)
Robert interview in Portugal (Aug. 4th, 2002)
Clip of Maybe Someday in Brussels (Nov. 7th, 2002)
Robert interview on Arte Tracks (Feb. 21st, 2003)


  1. Wow Pornography. Thanks for uploading this.... Andy Anderson was such a great drummer in The Cure !!!

  2. I've said it before, and I will say it again "You are FRIGGING AWESOME, Craig"

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  4. Ahhh this is a treat!

    Ta very much =)

  5. Love the nostalgia, Craig. Thanks for the memories!

  6. *sulks* I so could have played tambourine better than that girl on the Brisbane recording..

  7. Thank you, Jo. : ) Love sharing all of this old stuff with everyone.

  8. So funny to hear RS talk about "the last tour". He's been saying it for how long now? I think he'll be 80 and still saying it!! (or at least I hope!)

  9. Awesome!! Craig must have been doing some Spring cleaning and discovered some gems.

  10. Does anybody know if the greatest hits microsite is archived somewhere in whole? Or, Craig do you have the audio stuff found from it as well? Would be lovely to have it again...

  11. Does anyone know where the photo of Cure Town is? It looks alot like Tenby in Wales. Its near where I live btw. I cant tell cos its rotating so fast!!

  12. Thank you so much Craig. i thought there'd be already 100 comments!

    Two questions:
    - can anyone tell me how to save these pages on my Mac?
    - @ Craig, did you ask Roger if he still has the Curetown website somewhere?


  13. No problem, guys. Glad you're enjoying them.

    Melt05: Yeah, I have all of the tracks and photos from the Greatest Hits microsite. Will be posting them soon. : )

    Fab G: Which pages are you trying to save? Don't have a Mac, but would think that a right click "Save as" on the link should work?
    Haven't asked Roger about Curetown yet.

    T.: If you right click on Loop, it will stop spinning. Maybe that will help?

  14. Nice one Craig, that did work and yes it is Tenby in South West Wales. Cool.

  15. Thank you so much Craig for this ( and all, of course ;)

    I do really enjoy the sounds, images, videos, stories...from ten years ago

    Wow, this reminds me i´m getting old :)

    Thanks, hoping to see more .

    P.S. This is great, no matter the lack of CURE´s news.

  16. That live version of Friday I'm in Love is amazing

  17. Craig,

    I recently uploaded the old "Out Of This World" video to YouTube as well.

  18. On the GH microsite, if you click on the red star at the bottom, it reads "THE BIG HITS COMPETITION WILL BE HERE SOON... "
    Does anyone remeber what is was about, the question and prize?

  19. oh, the page of the microsite doesn't show up properly to me (some images don't appear and are replaced by '?'), does it work fine to you?
    Can anyone tell me why it's not working properly for me?
    I've got a Mac, and I have a few technical questions, if someone can take a moment to explain to me a few things I'd really paareciate.

  20. "Just in case anyone wants these"


  21. You can still sort of visit all of the old Cure sites by visiting the Internet Wayback Machine. Many of the links and images no longer work, but it's better than nothing.

  22. Oh, man! Thanks so much, Craigers!

  23. Thank you so much for these treats Mr Craig. I especially enjoyed Pornography, but then I always do. Feeling thoroughly spoiled.

  24. I think you're missing a couple of files from your "Greatest Hits" mp3 page and I have some of the missing info.

    Weren't there two additional mixes? "Wrong Number" (Crossed Line "Warm Vocal" Mix) and "Let's Go To Bed" (12 inch Duke Remix)

    Some missing info: "High" demo is called "Anniversary", "Why Can't I Be You?" demo is called "Stolen Robin #1"

    Also, I think "Signal To Noise (acoustic)" was somewhere on that site as well.

  25. Craig has all 20 tracks if you hit the link at the top of the page.

    I have them as "Let's Go To Bed (Duke Remix)" and "Wrong Number (16B Warm Vocal Remix)."

    The acoustic version of Signal To Noise was on Amazon if I remember correctly. It must have been either WMA or Liquid Audio because I recall having to record the audio.

  26. That version of "A Forest" is awesome! Can't get any rawer than that..
    I love all the harmonics you hear weaving in and out of the song.. yes I'm a music geek *blushes*

  27. Dear Craig!

    Thank you so much for the microsite stuff !!! a pity this website is closed...

    best wishes

  28. Hello,

    When I follow the link to where the tracks from the Cure Microsite are stored, I get the message:

    "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to"

    Is the site down? I sure would love to hear these demos/mixes/live tracks!