Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cure covers

Lovecats by Paul Anka / Let's Go To Bed by Lotte Kestner / Lovecats by Lena Meyer (winner of the German Eurovision song contest) / Untitled by Pilal / End by Hopera. (Thanks Mark, Josh, Gianka74, Markus, Yawns, André, and Martin)


  1. can't say i'm a fan of lena meyer's lovecats.... at all.

    the rest are listenable enough, if certainly not the greatest.

  2. Nice "Untitled" Version by Pilal. Quite sure it's the same guy from the curiosity forum back in the days. Feels like ages ago.

  3. Her full name is Lena Meyer-Landrut (although the song is released under the name Lena). She didn't win the German Eurovision contest, but the German casting for participation in the (European) Eurovision Song Contest in May.

  4. yes it's the old Pilal. i didn't expect this cover to be publidhed on CoF. Don't know who reported this crap. Thanks to him anyway.