Friday, April 8, 2011

'Entreat Plus' for RSD update

An update on the story posted here - It looks like the 'Entreat Plus' vinyl will NOT be a Record Store Day release, as Sunshine Records originally indicated. There has been no official word from anyone, no one (WEA, retailers, etc.) can find it on any RSD release list, and everything still points to it being canceled/indefinitely delayed. While it is still listed on Sunshine Records' website list, it is not on their more detailed list on Facebook, and I can't find any other record store that has any mention of it. Sunshine either had some bad info or WEA changed their plans.

Still, if you are going anyway, maybe to pick up the limited edition Deftones 'Covers' EP, featuring their live version of 'If Only Tonight We Could Sleep', look around for it...just in case.
(Thanks to everyone who helped with this)


  1. thank you so much for following up on all this Craig :)

  2. You're welcome, Hannah. Just wish there was better news on this.

  3. it's sad to see that in the last 7 years that the cure news/releases have been more and more illogical.

  4. I have no info about Entreat Plus specifically, but I do know that unless it's a release that is exclusive to Record Store Day, it will not be on any of the official RSD lists. There are instances where albums are released to coincide with RSD, even though they are not 'official' RSD records/CDs......

  5. Looks like The Independent is still saying it is being released for Record Store Day....

  6. Would it have to do with the bad reviews Entreat Plus CD got? the remix was bad and even I remember that the poll here in Chain of Flowers agree with that too.