Saturday, April 9, 2011

'Trilogy' on NME list

The Cure's 'Trilogy' makes it on to NME's 20 Live DVDS Everyone Should Own list. And rightfully so. The DVD is great and the Blu-ray is incredible! We really need 'In Orange' and 'Show' out on DVD & Blu-ray, too.


  1. what a funny coincidence - just bought a vintage copy of it yesterday in Paris (shame on me, it´s late I know - but I attended show...)
    My question is: is it normal to have a lot of pixels when there is a bright light scene? While on travelling I cannot test it on a normal TV at the moment, but laptop only...
    Are this annoying effects during Pornography (the song) normal or is my DVD a shitty copy? Even though it has french text on the Cover it looks quite official in a beautifully digipack...

  2. Well deserved! I love Trilogy so much :)

  3. Yes, In Orange is tops on my list.

  4. In Orange is the best. In second place is the great Show. Trilogy easily comes in last. Boring, no energy and the Bloodflowers set is a complete waste of time.

  5. @ melt05, there are indeed some effects (shitty or not) during a few songs, I guess your copy is fine (despite indeed the "normal' pixelisation" on some scenes).

    And I think Trilogy is absolutly not a great music dvd.

  6. Forget Show and In Orange. My vote goes for Live in Japan and Play Out.

  7. Quite right Craig with In Orange and Show, all genuine Cure fans would just love to get their mits on a DVD copy of those two iconic concerts.
    I must be the only bloke in my neighbourhood who still has a VHS machine and its sole purpose is for the above mentioned performances.
    The live version of A Forest is worth the price tag alone for Show.
    I admire Trilogy alot but am continuously drawn to Orange and Show.

  8. thanks Fabien G !!!

    It´s always difficult to document great concerts, as performance is a ephemeral medium.

    To me the first part in The Cure Play Out would be my choice for a DVD, if possible the whole show. Such great early Wish songs on it. And like most of you think: In Orange!

    ...and any show from 1984...loving the sound from that time and Andy Anderson on drums is so powerful.

  9. I think, "We need a Cure in Orange" petition. Any ideas how we start such a thing? perhaps with enough numbers they will finally get around to releasing in on Blu-Ray, hopefully with some surprising extras from the time period.