Saturday, March 12, 2011

Watch Roger live in his studio

Roger did an electronic rehearsal in his studio tonight. Watch it here. He will be doing a half hour of improvised piano at 3pm (UK time) tomorrow, March 13th.

Update: Here's Sunday's piano improv. It starts at 14:22. And thanks for the little surprise, Roger. Such happy memories from that.

Update 2: Another live session and a taped interview segment Sunday night (3/13) at 7:30pm UK time. Okay, the live show is over now, but you can watch it here. (Thanks Aaron)


  1. He should get more credit fot his music then he get's most of the time. He's really making beautiful music.

  2. Nice!
    Personnaly I'd enjoy to see that sort of footage by The Cure


    Roger will be playing live and doing an interview segment from 7:30 UK time tonight. About an hour.

  4. Thanks for the update, Aaron! Hope to catch this one live.