Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lol and Roger updates

From Lol: "Check out next months SPIN: I did a little chat with them- You may find out things you didn't know! Also a photo you may not have seen!"

From Roger: "I met yesterday for a weird synthesizer thing at the ICA and he managed to coerce me into performing at his Synthetic night 3/23! As I havent got new music to promote I am going to create some over the next three weeks. It will be a 3 part homage to my major influences.... and of interest to tech nerds I will be performing it using @ sound prism, @ two moog voyagers & a moog theremin! I might also fire up my Axis harmonic table keyboard and my Elektron machine drum.The stage will resemble the keyboard dept of a music shop! Im going to regularly broadcast the trials and tribulations of creating this show on my channel."


  1. here is a Cure Tribute video I made if interested

  2. The March issue of SPIN came in the mail today, I cant find anything about Lol in it. Maybe it will be in the April issue.