Monday, June 21, 2010

Still no Disintegration in Australia?

Update: In stock now at JB HIFI. (Thanks Ben)

What's the problem? First the shipment was delayed, now it's on back order? Come on, Universal, get it together!
"Take the June 18th date down. The latest from the stores is it's been put on back order as the record company has now run out of stock...among other stories. I've heard so many of them now. None of them really have the faintest idea what is going on. Can anybody shed some light as to what the hell has happened?!?? I wonder what RS would say about this if he got wind of it?" (Thanks notherbob)


  1. So maybe many USA outlets ran out too? Hmm due to the under whelming view of 4:!3, maybe they under prepared themselves.

  2. Aaron - I don't believe that for one second..
    If UMA had any idea of the popularity of this release, not on the basis that it's a remaster but a milestone recording for the artist they're supposedly promoting/distributing for, there's no way they couldn't meet demand..
    I've got a few correspondants in the US and they all got their copies just fine..
    I'm still coming to terms with the fact the original shipment was 'lost' from Germany, if that was even the case..

  3. Regardless of all this..
    As a 'reputable' company, l would have expected by now some insight, explanation, or even an apology from UMA put up on the official site..

  4. I agree, ever since the official Australian release date I've been checking into stores weekly. I spoke to the store people who told me the shipment would be in the following week 'for sure'. I went in again this week and they tell me that they're out of stock...How can they be out of stock if they haven't even had it in the stores yet...?
    Ps: However a couple of days ago I was in NZ, at groovy records, they do have it on the hopefully it won't be long down under.

  5. Crimsom - That was my next point..
    How on Earth can they be sold out when we've recieved nothing to begin with?!??
    Unless they mean all the copies they HAVE ordered are accounted for with preorders.. unlikely, though..
    As far as I know, NZ got theirs at release date (May 28). I would LOVE to know how that worked.. According to UMA when questioned about it, we were just "unlucky"..

  6. Notherbob...hang in there! It will all be okay in the end.

  7. amazing that we in NZ got it before anyone else! I think this is a travesty of course...if this was me, I would be so furious!

    If anyone wasnt a copy from NZ sent over, we can sort something out I am sure!

  8. Drea.. Of course.
    But that's easy to say though when you've got your copy blaring as we speak.. :)
    If the roles were reversed I'm sure you'd want to find out why you weren't getting what you paid for..

    Dispatches.. I may have someone taking care of that for me!
    Thanks heaps anyway..

  9. At least one Australian CURECONNECTIONS member is reporting that they found vinyl in a record store so there is still hope. Good luck to Australian Cure fans. Hopefully you will get your copies soon.


  10. What a joke. I dont believe any release dates anymore on anything until i see the actual product in store. Not to mention the lies you get from retail staff regarding orders/shipments delays... zzzz yeah whatever. Funny how they never miss a kayne crapola west release date or the latest awesome hit single from miley cyrus the virus. Better off ordering from overseas. No wonder robert smith hates 'the mighty universal' when their response to the delay was just 'unlucky'. figures.

  11. Just been confirmed from some organising by wonderful friends the world over that a copy is heading my way!
    With a bit of luck me and a few fellow Aussie CoFers will have it by the weekend!!
    A heartfelt thanks to all involved..

    UMA.. Kiss My Grits!!

  12. oh notherbob, i feel your pain, soon it will be salved....its a beautiful addition to the remasters set...the best one yet!

  13. Just got this in my inbox


    Quantity: 1
    Unit Price: $29.99
    Availability: In stock. Last updated 2.15am

  14. Aha! But will you get a poster like me and a few other Aussies will be on the weekend?!??

  15. to all australian cure fans - i can confirm disintegration is out now. i am in melbourne and the city stores have many copies, inner suburbs not so much. hope you find one;)

  16. Don't know about where I am (Westerner) but I've had three confirmations from over East too..
    Looks like the drought has finally broken!

  17. Just had news that our (mine,altr2 elise, Fuji and explodingboy) copies have arrived safely in Oz!